Quick Clear of Quick Menu Method?

There is a “Loot All” and a “Give All” button, however, no way to quickly remove everything from your Quick Action Menu.

I find myself attempting to remove all of my items often. Sometimes in a hurry. Currently, (at least on console) there is no way to do this. A player must navigate to each item, select it, then activate the selection. Not that it’s hard to do, it’s just time-consuming.

Adding this would be especially helpful if I’m out in encumbrance and come across an enemy clan that wants a piece. I could quickly remove my items and swap in my weapons and healing items.

Better yet! Add a new item to the game. Make it an item players can find or learn.

Call it - Specialist Pack. It’s a recipe you learn and it could be crafted at artisan table. Uses leather, twine, and a dash iron. You can carry a max of two setups. The setups are good for 3-5 uses before needing to craft more.

I don’t know…you get the picture though.


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