Remove Take All from Quick Look

Honestly, I don’t see half the problems I see posted on these forums. In fact, the only thing I would suggest is to turn off the ability to “Take All” from the quick look list.

Nothing is more frustrating than walking up to a chest full of stone and suddenly, you’re over encumbered because you’ve cleaned out the inventory. Chests, fridges, crafting tables should have to be opened to take items. A loot bag, I get. Its usually someone passing me multiple items. It’s in a bag. I should take everything at once but none of the others.

I was climbing over a crate and suddenly, I was over encumbered…wtf!! Again? Right during a purge attack.

Just a thought.

This usually happens to me when I accidentally crouch and want to get back up, but since I’m near a station, instead I accidentally pick up everything from that station. Annoying indeed. I think it’s because the key mapping is not thoroughly thought. This wouldn’t happen to me if Crouch and Take All commands weren’t accessible from the same button.

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I’d just like to be able to remap this key from the bindings menu.
I’m on PC though.

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I’d like to have more options too. :sweat_smile:

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