Quickloot: disable ot at least option to

Quickloot: disable ot at least option to disable it.
It seriously affects performance and I honestly would like to be able to not use it.

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No one interested?
I find it would be a quality of life to have this both on pc and console.

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YES, YES, YES. I hated it when Fallout 4 added it and I hate it in Conan too. For one, it’s ugly. You get this huge pop-up every time you look at something. Second, it interferes with gameplay. If you’re near a container and hit triangle to crouch(PS4), now you’ve just looted the entire container and you’re over encumbered. And, yes, like you said, it affects performance. I have a couple of chests in my place that freeze the game for a couple of seconds every time i walk near them.
I know a lot of people actually use this, so it’s not going anywhere, but the option to turn it off would be greatly appreciated.

I like the loot all option, but i could see people wanting to turn it off or at least the preview that could cause lag.

What i want to get rid of is the loot all on workstations. Many times i am trying to drop an item by selecting it and hitting space and end up transferring the entire workstation into my inventory by mistake. and then having to sort through and put it all back. Please remove the take all from workstations or at least make it a different key then the drop item key is.