Quickslot / throwing weapons / not changed since Early access


I recently came back to the game after stopping in Early Access,
alot of things I hoped would be fixed are not yet :frowning:

I put for instance a throwing spear on my taskbar, if I throw it, the item becomes grey. (why does it not take any of the 10 throwing spears I have in my inventory in its place ?)

Even worse, If I run to my spear and pick it up, it also goes in my inventory !!! the quickslot item stayes grey !!!

It totaly breaks immersion if I constantly need to go to my inventory to re-equip my throwing items, not even talking about the times I get killed because I am unarmed :frowning:

Also why do items automaticaly go to en empty quickslot ? (I have gotten food poisoning because of that alot of times :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Also why do I have to put a building item on my quickslot bar to build it, why cant I select it in my inventory and press “build” or something ?

If any of these things are fixable with new options/settings please let me know, but im kinda disapointed that this is not fixed by now.

also bow and arrow still sucks monkey but, but I see there are changes to that comming next update , so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

any help is appreciated.


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Uugh, nothing like auto-equip food-poisoning when you run out of a stack of healing or food items. Definitely agree that there should be an option to disable the auto-filling of quick slots.

Likewise, unless they want to give us multiple sets of quickbars (I think Divinity Original Sin has 5 rows you can toggle thru), then having to slot items into the quick bar to place them is extremely annoying. Furthermore, if you run out of one of those pieces, you still don’t seem to get XP for making more unless you do so from within the Inventory screen.


and I tought this would all be fixed before moving from Early Access to release, they seem basic to me :frowning:
so kinda disapointed that this has not been changed/fixed yet.


The game’s lack of quick bars is because of the consoles sure they could add another one but it’s limited by console controllers. Console players don’t take this as “your fault” it’s just the hard ware you use.

I think the limited action bar is due to the “survival” factor regarding more a realism on what the character could pull out from the pocket in a combat situation. So, you must choose what you carry on your slots for a quick reaction based on your task.

If we had way more than 8 slots, everyone could pull out mid combat amost everything thats in the inventory, from all weapon types, arrows and consumables, although I agree we could use two more, 9 and 0, having too much slots on action bar would kill this “Survival” factor for most important stuff you carry on the pocket.

Ps: ahhhhh, seeing weapons/ itens sheated would be soooo good and immersive.

It would be nice just limit the appearing weapons (+shields) to the first 3 slots. Use the key binding of the slots to call upon which are the first 3 slots.

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