Can only use 7 of my 8 quick slots

Game mode: [Online | PVE
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Relic hunter area

I went to use my cleaver and it moved to my hand but the icon disappeared from my quick slot. Then I had trouble switching to anything else but when I finally was able to switch I had an empty space in the quick slot. I was unable to put anything in it as I would get a message saying there was no space.
I tried restarting game … nope … I tried taking everything out of quick slots and re equiping them … nope … ???

I had a similar issue when I double clicked some ambrosia into my hotbar, and it overflowed the quick slot. The only way around it that I found, was to kill myself by taking off my bracelet, and collecting the items off of my dead body.

Death solves this.

Empty quick slot is full???

Item in hand is not in quick slots

Ty … I will try the dying technique after I have reinstalled it again. (I tried to fix it that way already)

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