Not being able to use weapons!

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When is there gonna be a patch for the glitch of not being able to use my weapons in my quick slot? Getting very annoying when u go to collect some iron or wood or anything and cant seem to use anything to harvest!!! Wth is going on!!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

After patch 1.08 i am unable to equip weapons and tools also

Same here. Cannot play without this.

I’ve experienced s similar bug. I couldn’t use weapons but after changing quickslot I could equip it but before the change my avatar just stood there holding weapons after quickslot change, I got in combat pose but still couldn’t attack. It happened twice but after my screen froze during the second time, a game restart fixed it.

Yep. We get this to. Happens sometimes with player 1, but happens mostly with player 2 on multiplayer. He can’t equip weapons unless he tries about a dozen times. Kinda important to be able to switch weapons rapidly when enemies are chewing on you or trying to switch to a truncheon to take down a thrall.

The worst part is that on his screen, he sees weapons in his characters hand, so he thinks he has a weapon. But on the player 1 screen he has no weapons equipped, just standing there with his fists raised, not even punching. Game breaking.

I’ve noticed this happens with NPCs too. They’ll take on that funny stance like player 2 gets where they are trying to draw a weapon and don’t. We have to put the game down now until they fix this.

ok people not sure if its a fix for everyone or not so take this with some salt, just do the surrender pose and you should be able to pull items out again, worked for me at least.

Weird, but I’ll try anything to get my player 2 to be able to play. Fingers crossed.