Raging Volcano, last hit range and speed increase

Raging Volcano doesn’t seem to apply the last hit and debilitated from range over 5m.

I can’t see any increase in movement speed. I can run just as far without sprint on in the same time whether or not using RV.

Also a little visual bug: The timer on buff icon keeps frozen for RV and starts rolling only for the passive.


Reproduced these. Good catch. The last hit doesn’t hit unless you’re at 5m or less, and there is no movement speed buff at all while channeling.

In regards to the buff’s “bug”, i think that technically, it’s how it’s intended to stay, simply because of one reason: you can cancel the channel, and you’d still keep the 4 seconds left of the buff due to the passive. So the buff’s timer basically keeps resetting to 5s during the whole channel.


Good catch on the speed and radius of the final hit. We’ll get these fixed. Thanks!