The Volcano First impression

I don’t know if this is the intent or not but one set of npcs near the oblisk always attack the lava rocknose there then turn on you. Seems everytime I go to either side the Npcs are on auto aggro anyone else experiencing this? The zone is difficutl enough with roaming mobs and lava and the heat do we need to be bombarded soon as we walk in from the cold or oblisk? I used to go there to farm named workstation thralls but have yet to see any have grabbed couple new named archers but haven’t ventured toward skellos as of yet.


Will check out the volcano next.
Roamed around the underwater city, Sepermeru, and New Asagartha, but didn’t push it yet so far north.

But i agree, while challenges are fine, the constant figh just everywhere isn’t the perfect solution nore.
While the volcano is still a hostile area, others like Sepermeru should be less agessive.
Lot people will also run the volcano for some mats (gold, obsidian) and of course the thralls.

Also before making the volcano more tedious, they should fix the lava-kill for thralls. As long it’s to dangerous to bring ever a thrall without lot chances to lose it in a lava-jump, more fights on the road are just like you said, somewhat tiresome over time.

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I would have to disagree, about the volcano anyway… once you have flawless heat armour the heat is no longer an issue…
I take a damn camel with me and it’s like a walk in park atm… of the volcano is meant to be end game zone (?) it should present a challenge…

Thrall pathing is annoying but I just park my camel, jump over farm then jump back… Not a big deal imo. By the time I’ve done one lap the obsidian has respawned and soon I have more obsidian than I know what to do with.

What makes it tedious for you currently?

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Sure, heat isn’t a problem once equiped with SL, mistmourn shield and more. :rofl:
But imagine, that people also will venture before in this area, for some mats, gold mostly.

Skellos, the well itself should be a treat, but not all part, and this since entrance i imagine.
Also consider, that all players may not still experiment the same. Saw this in Sepermeru, while some was reporting agressive priest, i didn’t spot any. So, also server, plateforem, and lot other stuff may act differently.
We’re here to discuss and balance a game we love all. Try to make it still better, no only to tell others to “gid good”. :wink:

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I have discovererd even on live servers ones that become aggressive are of 2 different situations one I gripe about knocking out thralls and leaving them when they wake they become aggressive. The second situations is if you kill or attack one and then leave area sometimes they do not reset to passivity.

Ifl you knock out a camp do yourself and everyone else a favor and kill them 1 it gives chance of a named popping in that place and second it doesn’t leave a headache for next player just passing thru just trying to find conan for instance.

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I have to fight them quite often on live server especially when those annoying snakes aggro in different areas basically all they did was trade off near oblisk removed the annoying snakes for npcs that are tons harder to fight and the area where I used to have problems with snakes aggroing and causing npcs to aggro have changed to where they don’t aggro. I would prefer that situation when you get further into the area instead of popping in a few steps from entrance getting bombarded. But to each their own.

Personally I am not too happy with the workstation thrall placements part of my reason of going to volcano is I collect unique thralls cause usually once I get serpentman recipe and obsidian recipe(If I bother to get that one) I have very little use for volcano I can farm dragons for blood and gold is plentiful once you know where to look for it or make a goldveined rocknose farm. Obsidian looks nice and now with being able to break down weapons off volcano mobs makes making it not worthwhile to go thru the effort to make bars in the forge nor is quality of weapons or tools they break down to where steel is still more viable as for volume vs repair ratio. As for myself I play many many hours vs others who don’t have time or resources to grind the volcano for thralls gold or other resources.

Ok I made it to well of skellos something was aggroed there after passing by 2 npcs one a named they didn’t aggro at first until I got near one fighting something then all hell broke loose and had 6 npcs on me. I do not think these npcs would normally aggro on you BUT since they placed them near mob spawns they now will auto aggro on anyone passing by. I am beginning tho think same of the ones near oblisk/enterance they auto aggro on rocknose there then turn and attack you similar to situation in Sepemeru with the random scorpion attacks on guards with you nearby they will aggro on you no matter who the scorpion attacks. I exit the well and what am I greeted by 2 archers and a fighter managed to take them out but anyone who was wore out from doing the dungeon crawl might be caught off guard and die there and corpse runs from bottom of volcano isn’t fun for anyone so be aware if you bother to do all the quest involving boss and obsidian recipes that when you exit you may get banged. So IMO no I do not like the changes in volcano some fights I may expect but not every inch of the way down to the well.
IMO I do not like the changes in volcano Difficutly I do expect but not a fight grind to the Well and back out is not what one would have to expect especially since getting to the boss alone is a grind of its own.

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Agree, while in singleplayer run out of renderdistance is often enough to resolve the agressivity, on server to proper kill them is mostly a better solution.

But again, a good balance is important, and range also may matter in some points. We should be able to roam around with some care in some place without trigger the whole area.

Like so often, it’s a middle way.
While to quiet, and just a walk isn’t the intented thing, the still get agressed on each step becomes also quickly tiresome, and also time consuming.

I try also still think that not all players have same playstyle, that there are different communities around. Sure, i can just hope the best for me and adapte. Again, everybody, and all communities should be able to play the game in a pleasant manner.

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