Volcano NPC Feedback

I went to the Well of Skellos today to make some composite obsidian bars. I was solo in Redeemed Legion armor with a level 13 Dalinisia Snowhunter also in RL armor and 3300 hit points. Our weapons had scorpion poison on them to deal extra damage and we were HP buffed from Mystery Meat Soup and armor buffed from the potions.

We got totally wrecked. I was encumbered, which I have to be to carry the steel and obsidian. Too many NPCs agro all at once and then, when you get to the Forge, there’s no way we could survive. A solo with a decent thrall has no shot at this. Not with managing bleed, heat, stamina, cripple, and everything else.

The volcano mobs seem over-tuned and way too strong. Many people play this game solo and have to rely on thralls to help manage large groups of mobs. My Snowhunter lasted less than 60 seconds at the Forge, and that’s not an exaggeration.

To the devs, please reduce this hitpoints and/or damage from Volcano NPCs. This is an entire chunk of the Exiled Lands map I won’t be going to back to in the future, and I imagine a great deal of other players will come to the same conclusion.


Thrall health got nerfed a little too hard. I hope they get some of their health back. Healing on thralls should also be improved a bit more, too.


That’s a good suggestion, too. Thralls need to recover their health more quickly. At least triple the speed of now.


The volcano area at most has 3 snakemen in an encounter. The Forge area itself can be pulled with two NPCs at once. If you jumped in and pulled all three groups then the issue isn’t being solo or overtuned, you pulled the encounters wrong.

You are in an area that is effectively one of the harder areas in the game. Not everyone is going to manage this on their first try.

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Never take a thrall there. You can solo that group if you are smart. Thralls have a very hard time with mobs and they will aggro npcs out of order.
IF you take a thrall tell him to stop middle way. I don’t know their aggro range now, but you want to pull them up, activate your thrall (use a shortcut) and fight them there. Rinse and repeat. If everything goes as planned, it’s an easy fight. If they cut the leash too short with the update, you might want to find another strategy. I haven’t gone there since the last update.
It will always look unrealistic, because the whole bunch should come at you, unless they were blind and deaf. But that’s what we have.

It’s ridiculous. They should all come at you. They can’t be set like that because it would be very difficult to solo them all at once and thralls suck against mobs. All becomes kind of stupid.

Its how its worked since the dungeon was introduced.

Indeed. And nothing about your strategy is wrong. It’s a shame that it needs to be like that. You can go guns blazing and win though, but you’ll take unnecessary punishment.
Did you went up there since the update? Do you know if their leash was reduced?

I’ve been playing since 2018 and have 5k hours in the game. I’ve never had to play it that way, even as a solo. Your strategy is one way it’s worked, not the only way.

The other way is fighting really well. :wink:

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Then by all means do it the way you are doing. Just stock up on Dalinsia’s. I support you 100% in you playing like that.

the truncheons was buffed . the next equip your slave with this and look it

But yeah the life problème is a big pain :frowning:

I did The Well of Skelos dungeon today with a friend and every single Serpent-Man had over 3k of health, it wasn’t difficult but it was a slog to get through the dungeon when the mobs have turned into damage sponges. I have a feeling that this is not intended as it goes against all the other changes Funcom have made by cutting health on most mobs.

• What weapons and attribute-build are you using?
• Do you have friendly fire on (PvP enabled), and at which damage multiplier?

Yeah, some NPCs have weirdly gained hitpoints. Noticed this in some Siptah vaults, too.The bosses there have twice the hitpoints of Red Mama, and even the mobs seem to have been beefed up.

But back on topic: The Volcano is meant to be the highest level area on Exiled Lands, so it makes sense that the NPCs there are no pushovers. Fighting groups of NPCs can be challenging, especially if a few of them are archers. You need to rely on mobility and dodging if you’re outnumbered.

I agree that the Volcano should be hard because it is the endgame. But, why will people bother if it’s THIS hard? You can get better weapons than Obsidian by killing the croc boss on noob river which can be done simply with stone daggers if you want. The Volcano is a grinding slog, especially for a solo player, to get what? Tools that can be bought at Mek Kamosis’s Spire and weapons with underwhelming stats?

The volcano mobs are too strong right now, especially for the rewards they give. The whole area is just a pointless time sink with pretty graphics.

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Perhaps increasing the rewards would be a better direction than nerfing the NPCs, then. Make the Volcano worthwhile.

I mean, the NPCs could be imps from Noob River, and the current rewards would still not be worth the trouble. But if it has very dangeorus NPCs and very valuable loot, then it becomes an actual endgame biome, rather than just a hard-to-reach midgame one.

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You can get gold from mining obsidian, some raw ash for some recipes too, that sums up the utility of the volcano at the moment :rofl:

Though, do mind that the Obsidian Tools can be repaired, unlike the Black Blood ones!

I think he means the Well of Skelos, inside the volcano, @SpherisCore . :wink:

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Fair enough, though I clump them up together honestly.

Though specifically for the Well of Skelos, it is useful to go there once to complete the Dungeon Delver Journey in order to unlock the Ranger Armor Set, but you may have to go several times since the boss is bugged and appears only once every 12 months :rofl:

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