When Will the Jungle & Volcano Biome's be finished? and other small things

These “new” area’s where completely rushed and lack the polish as previous area’s had.

Volcano - just seriously … wtf… so much can be done with this area… yet… wow its lacking in every way…

  1. Where are the thralls loot index? even the giants have loot now which is great btw… but the volcano thralls have nada…
  2. Randomized spawning locations, which are the t4 thralls ALLOWS spawning, when it takes me a week to get a set t3 priest to spawn… sorry but anyone wants a alch lvl 4 … just go to the volcano and one is always there… oh and lvl 4 BS, TM, Tanner, Etc… was rushed and insultingly lazy.
  3. Lava can randomly kill you even if your not touching it directly… there are locations for example inside the well of skellos near where you craft that you can just stand around and die for no reason at all. this is due to the " lava " under the floor randomly rising up just a little and considering you on the lava… why!?
  4. Harsh environments are cool and all, but it should be done more then your only safe to go to this location IF you have legion armor. and why use the scorpions and snakes and such that are in the desert for this area? some attacks same hps? common ton down the “heatstroke” amp up the fear factor of the mobs… Dragons? Drakes? all this lore all over the map that are GREATLY afraid of those in the volcano only to find some pathetic mess that isn’t worth the time spent there.
  5. Obsidian is a joke… its WAY to easy to harvest compared to Star Metal. . you could tell before start metal was well thought out… and then Obsidian was just rushed… the ease of access to this material does not reflect on end game content vs say star metal… make it MORE difficult to make “obsidian metal” from the ore… maybe require things like s few types of lotus…

Jungle - LOOKS AMAZING, really fantastic love it… but that is where it just hits the breaks.

  1. another black hand group? really… couldn’t you have came up with something NEW… instead of just reusing the desert content… i understand the pirates and such… but common… you could have did that entire buc’s bay with the lemurian or such…
  2. speaking of the lemurian… another issue referring to the top list #2 way way to easy to get the lvl 4 thralls again…
  3. World bosses on top of world bosses… it seems I can’t find a decent tree to take a leak on without some world boss being around the corner to smack me around… World boss mobs should be on a non static spawn, You guys have tried to fight people camping them… but sometimes I think your team must be running out of imagination… ? … a world boss should spawn randomly in place of the normal mobs that would spawn… and as long as a world boss is spawned in that location, another one can not spawn there or to nearby… and they should not be in a static location as well… meaning ANYWHERE on the map when your killing croc’s maybe a big bad boss croc could spawn up next… the boss should drop the legendary items themselves so no need to spawn in the chest… though chest could also spawn randomly around the map… and give cool loot… and the skeleton keys could be a very rare random drop off anything in the game…
  4. brimstone in the water… we should have an option to harvest this easier other then just picking it up 1 at a time… this would give a VIABLE alternative to the salt flats.
  5. witch queen sound effects can be heard outside the dungeon resulting in the fact someone can camp outside waiting for you to exit. shouldn’t be able to hear that outside…

OK while i am at it might as well list out a few other things…

  1. The Bosses dropping special items for the HORRIBLE ending you have given us… these items should be usable for decoration. not just an item i throw away… seriously… horrible ending… 0 effort
  2. Boss loot should be interesting actually… Tyros sure he gives his hearts for the weapons… but whats the point in making those when they aren’t really that much better then the other endgame weapons?
  3. THE endgame weapons… they need something more… to separate them from one another… obsidian maybe give heat resistance? or cause “heat” damage increasing the persons Temperature? Dragon weapons could cause “deep” wounds / infection making it so healing is reduced… Silent Legion swords. could cause corruption on attack… make them all rather unique and interesting without making 1 super over powered defeating the need for the others… ( silent legion armor? for example )
  4. Star metal is the HARDEST material to get in the game as of right now… WHY IS IT NOT THE TOP TIER!!! seriously… you have made it pointless to farm for the stuff other then to make a frig… which using a improved furnace keeps food almost as well as a fridge and has a TON more slots. … please please re-balance this
  5. Lotus Potions ( other than the yellow )… why? can we get some effort here to make them a it more interesting. a super hp regen… with a cost of… ALL YOUR STAMINA, why are the alcoholic ? why not give them special effects like i dont know… temp resistance??? HP buffs?? cure for corruption?? … black could apply a corruption based poison on your weapon even… but yeah… again rushed and not well thought out…

anyways… I am hoping by the team we get the REAL official release this game is doing much better and you have finished up the areas, so they shine as well as previous content for the game has.


I really hope with the * 500 things* patch …but… we will see…for me there is no reason to build on the jungle :frowning: no books, no lore things, no ghosts… ( okay one reading stone, one cocking recipe, one book to learn stuff…).

it´s sad…

I agree with some of the points you have raised. I would like to see higher level crafting thralls from other factions as well, such as the darfari. I get that they are more primitive but if you want to build with a darfari theme you want more primitive thralls with bones around their necks with loin clothes and not the fully clothed thralls from the set city or from up north.

I agree with about everything in the volcano. It just feels like a work in progress. The snake, although underpowered for the area, fit the theme. Dragons seem like a given. Surprised they weren’t there. T4 thralls should be a rare spawn like other areas. What’s with Risa the Brutal just casually walking into the lava? I love the volcano idea but it needs work.

How does one even get risa without parking a wheel in front of the well?
Its a place you shouldn’t be able to build.
Just ruins the aesthetics.

you need to build a lift to get her out

I parked a wheel in front of the well. Put Risa in it along with the t4 tanner, alchemist, and cook. Heard there is an armorer and blacksmith somewhere down there. Haven’t found them yet.

no priest in Lemurian camp for Derketo, which means you can’t get Derketo avatar in official server


Do you know if the True Name of Derketo is in the PC Admin. Panel?, its not in PS4, if not, hopefully they add it with the priest spawns :slight_smile:

currently there is no True Name of Derketo in Admin Panel

but you can spawn t3 Derketo alter + 500 zeals + Derketo arch priest (set NPC craft rate to 0 in server setting to get thrall instantly from the wheel) to make one.

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Thanks, your right i was just able to spawn her, blessings to you :smile:

The blacksmith is right before you go up the stairs to all of the acolytes, he is kneeling right by a warrior stuck in a rock. Have not found the armorer yet though.

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Haven’t spent much time in the jungle, but I’m hoping they fix the lootless NPC combatants in the volcano and well of skelos too. Posted a question in PS4 bugs forum and I am still waiting for a response as to whether it is intentional or not, as many of the NPCs are passive until you attack them.

Starmetal weapons should have bonus against serpent-men and votaries like the Conan lore. Like only star metal could damage and break the volcano boss shield and only after that you should get the obsidian recipes.

Acheronian tools, dragonbone weapons, telith sorrow are good alternatives by waiting a meteor shower…

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Just seen one the other day on pve official server xbox. Hit in eyelet lake. Thought for sure I was going to get hit I was so close. Otherwise, if u look, there are always meteors laying around. Takes some time to find but they’re out there. Try by the frost temple, above the ymir teaching giant, or north of eyelet lake.

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Last resort, skeletons around the black keep occasionally drop star metal ore. Like 1 in 20 chance though or worse.

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?? star metal is all over the north west side of the map just run around

but if your playing solo/coop … you can simply spawn some starmetal… if its not showing up due to glitch or such…

Ya, I have thousands of star metal bars on an official server, but it helps main base it on that mountain :grin:.