Raid finder bug?

Anyone have problems with getting teleported out of raid finder? On my demonologist right as I accepted rf the game crashes. Ok, no worries.

I log back in, sign up again, make it to the last boss, Arbanus, dps him, run away if blood draw… Within one minute it says I have been removed from the group and must join the raid if I want to continue and shortly after I get teleported out. And labelled a deserter… 3 times in a row this happens to me exactly at the beginning of Arbanus. Different days.

I run rf with my guardian and no problems.

It seems like you got kicked out of the RF by vote kicks. The one who is getting kicked does not see the pop up.

I don’t really understand as I don’t afk and I run away if I get targeted by the guy. Not to mention three times in a row and at the beginning.

People are very trigger happy especially at Arbanus and Harthor-Ka, they might have mistakenly kicked you. It’s annoying but can’t do anything against it :frowning:

But I might be wrong with my assumption that it’s the vote kick, it might also be another problem caused by connection and so on.

This is because you have been kicked from the RF. The person who is getting kicked does not know someone started a vote to kick him, there were suggestions about adding the name of the player starting a vote kick in order to avoid the trolling kicks, but none of these suggestions were taken in consideration. Regards.

Seems like you made some friends with your demo :slight_smile: