Random Building Destruction

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On my own private server…I just updated the game and server. Started a massive build near the jungle. Spent 1.5 hours setting foundations in the water and began building a structure. I just got my gate to attach (after 10 minutes of dogged pursuit) and watched in horror as my entire structure began crumbling, piece by piece! Decay turned off on my server. Anyone else experiencing this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2.Watch in horror as everything is destroyed

I noticed that some stuff built on wedge foundations, since patch, have been destroyed. Did you use wedge foundations?

Nope, regular foundations, the whole thing went down like dominoes…was crazy to watch! Now if I’m doing a big build, I do part of it, back up, do another part…back up…rinse and repeat. Don’t want to see that happen again!