[Ranger] PvP set - concept vs final version

concept art (please confirm if i’m not mistaken)

vs this:

I’m pretty shocked how concept was ruined :frowning: PvP ranger armor is the ugliest armor ever. Any ranger likes the final version? :slight_smile: I would start to play again my ranger to see the armor as on the concept image.

Its like facebook profile pics or MC Donalds burger images. What do you expect :joy:

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Tinder and reality! :blush:

Most armor in this game are well conceived and well implemented. In fact this game is rich in fantastic armor.
Some PvP T1 sets are absolutely fantastic (hey PoM, demo!).

However most if not all (perhaps excluding ToS) pvp 2 and 3 sets seem incredibly lazily implemented with terrible textures and design. Ranger is not the only one to suffer here (looking at conq…)

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A matter of taste. Do me all pvp 1 armors except bs and some pieces of barb dont fit my taste. And bs one is signature armor for conq on game website. Some pvp2 and 3 are exceptionally well done like dt, sin, guard etc…

Oh, of course. I meant the implementation - pvp t1 looks much like the art whereas, for example, conq t2 looks really odd with dull textures.

Btw also the t4 bs concept art looks like a beast whereas the real one in particular the helmet is bit off.