Read if you are afraid of being banned

I can’t prove, it’s just my impressions. I don’t think Funcom will start ban people for minor abuses. It’s an online game, and players will unplease other players somehow. Where I live, we call that “mere unpleasantness” in a literal translation. I can build small structures near my base to claim that area as a clear propose to build there in near future. I don’t think I will be banned for that, even if it makes other players dislike. But if I start to build small structures all over the map, I have a clear intention to disturb other players. And in that case, I may be banned. But you are right, Funcoms rules do not state this.

What I said is that some reports will take more priority than others, because Funcom won’t be able (and don’t need) to analyze all of them in game. So I think Funcom will desconsider some reports just because they don’t meet the requirements or they are not considered a banable issue. But I think they will read all of them


going to this from what we had is a much better gaming experience for everyone because it removes toxic players for long periods of time which is better for all this is a much better system then what we had. maybe its from one extreme to the other but this will most definitely lead to better gaming experience and most likely lead us to a happy medium. after 2 years of the other this is a very welcome change.


For once this is the very least of my fears. Im not saying much but usually people who freak out about being banned have a skeleton in their closet.

I have bones and weathered skulls. But those are legit matts


To be safe, i returned to old servers I had been on just in case clans i was associated with from over the 2 years had rotated some new players in that i did not know, and may have done some things i was not aware of since iI hadn’t logged in in months. In each of those servers i was either already kicked, or if not, i left clan and spawned myself in the desert. I am not playing on those servers, but you never know how some of your non close clan mates might have moved to nefarious ways over your time away. It was only 3 or 4, as all the others have members i still am in contact with, and they are as anti-cheat as i am


On my sevever is a clan who build foundings and When you Want to go for that place, the game does anormal things I want to know if I can Do something respect to that, the server is amazing lagged When I go for that place,

follow the instructions gere:

make sure you will send good quality evidences

Hey there,

We’ve marked an answer as a solution to avoid repeating the same information.
If you’re afraid you might be reported for being toxic, maybe we would like to suggest not being toxic. Do also read and acknowledge the rules as we mention that we will only intervene in cases we deem extreme.
As a quick FYI, we’re not interested in petty feuds and server politics, so please don’t send that to us as it will be quickly dismissed.
Thanks and stay safe!


Then I actually wonder why they got that many servers since so many just are empty. I mean it must be a cost to habe these server running, so why not have less servers with better performance? Because servers right now is really d0gsh1t.

IF there are no one on the servers, then those no ones won’t be reporting. So server count does not have any meaning to toxic reporting. More than likely what will happen is populated servers will have reports. And if Funcom is getting the same report about the same player/clan then they may investigate. so removing servers will have no effect on that. Plus, there may be 1 or 2 players still on those servers. So deciding who gets deleted and who doesn’t is a can not worth opening at the moment. And if those dead servers are dead due to excessive spamming by 1 player/clan, over time reports will come in as new players enter those. Again making the number of reports about the same thing worth investigating and intervening.

Side note, i think what Funcom will be acting on is verified reports of under-meshing more than anything. And normally , the meshers and outside green wall players are the ones who find in fun to spam kill areas of land, as well as use troll messaging/greifing and offensive (to some) names. Just my opinion though.


Can you please list some of those servers. If there are empty PvE servers, I would love to join.


add more fauna

Not playing PVE and wont look it up for you, but I can adress u to battlemetrics so u can take a look urself.

Just sort it by population and u will find dead servers.

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I might be wrong, but battlemetrics lists only PC servers, right? Saddly, in PC I can play only in 2 official PvE servers, because in all the others I don’t pass ping restriction. Thanks for the information.

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I have over 10 videos on youtube showing undermesh bases, people shooting arrows inside of those bases, etc, they just clean up the place, and that people come back and do the same, you report, they clean, and that people come back and do the same, and so on. It’s a neverending story.

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Just reported a server with screenshots and everything of brimstone being spammed, let’s see if Funcom do anything

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The reason it’s neverending is the entry point or process is unknown. FC is pretty good at closing gaps and fixing exploits, but they take time to recode properly. Some aren’t simple fixes, either, since the code may affect other portions of the game.

Just sayin’




well my whole clan got banned for not blocking any resources sooooo……


we actually spent the last couple of weeks making sure we where following the rules but we still got banned. probably didnt even look at our server and just went off of old screenshots

Couple of weeks??? The rules were just listed last week…


sorry time is skewed. but that doesnt make it better. we where cleaned up. but still got banned. and we did it in a week apparently