Wrongful suspension

I logged on to find that I have been suspended for allegedly abusing the claim system to prevent access to resources or build spots.

I have backed this project from the beginning, I am one that plays clean, meaning I always consider other players. I never block resource spawn locations or passage through the area. All of my builds allow passage for other players. On more than one occasion I have had players that wanted the spot where I built try to bully me into leaving by building as close to me as they are allowed and placing foundations all around my base. I ignore them and eventually they go away, however, this time someone chose to report me of the above accusation and without an investigation into the matter I was suspended. If I were one that ack maliciously I would have excepted the suspension fully knowing that I deserved it, but that is not the case and I am sorely disappointed about how this matter has been handled.


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The rules may not be crystal clear but this statement only cannot support your title!
Why a single player has to own multiple buildings? Especially in official servers that’s not allowed :man_shrugging:. It’s not something new, it’s getting old already!
Don’t take me wrong, i respect the builders of the game, but even if the rules are not crystal clear, multiple buildings on official servers is clearly a ban situation. The only reason you haven’t been banned so far it was because nobody reported you so far! And if others with greater builds are not banned yet, is exactly for this reason and no other!
Make your self a favor
Read this…

Try to avoid all these and be more careful, because from older posts i read so far if you get banned once the second and the third are coming “easier”. If you disagree with the way people get banned, that’s another story, make your suggestions and you will get the support probably from us, the players!
I am sorry for your ban m8, if you love building however, i would suggest you private servers! Welcome to the forum and good luck!


They have stated that you may have multiple buildings.


It is the state of the game and Officials, cheats run rampant. Ban meta is still king.

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And it would be rather ridiculous to have transporters if you weren’t allowed multiple buildings.


Depending the size my dear @Kikigirl! These lines that we read up there cannot tell any truth, we can only assume isn’t it. All i know is this!
Since the very beginning when i was playing official pve, not pvp, pve, i was always respectful to the community of the server. The reason i participate the most on 3728 was because @anon83039162 had a chat room and every single player that was participating to this chat room was invited. So if i wanted to make an outpost i was asking the chat. I still remember our dearest @anon83039162 telling me that i don’t have to ask because in this server (Official) we all had the same rights. But this was exactly the reason i was asking :man_shrugging:. I couldn’t see it logical that one person is allowed to have builds all over the map, it was a public server. Later on the game had no publicity, so the whole map was empty, and some of us fixed public maprooms to all the obelisks so if a player would show up to find everything easy. This action again was wrong, because we were serial refreshers of “public” buildings and gave us the feeling that we owned the servers! No the servers are public and no matter how many years we play in these servers, we do not own them. Again, no matter if one player plays 5 years in a server and another 1 minute, these players have the same rights in this server! Do you think, honestly, that the players who play years in these servers act this way? No, they act like they own them and that’s exactly where things are lost in translation! We are guests, no matter how many years, we still remain guests and we will always be guests in official servers no matter what!
So when a veteran player has nothing else to do then the problem starts! He - she will start build a tavern or a museum (that was my s… t), or a fishing camp (mansion), or a hunting camp (mansion again) in Savanah, or bridges in volcanic lava so the “noobs” will have no issues in volcano, or little warm guest houses in the frozen lands, or a church… Whatever you can imagine. Pve for the plurality of the veterans has meaning only if they keep building… This had to stop, because no matter how beautiful, gorgeous, etc… was, not only they had multiple builds around the map, but they were giving a bad example to the new players too. And it’s stopped. And it’s going to be worst. Because some people don’t seem to understand the “wrong” in this, and keep fighting for the rights of the “wrong”.
Let’s go to pvp now, shall we?
Pvp builders were more correct from the pve builders! They were looking to establish dominant to the area they builded and then expanding their base to this area only. Of course they had small outposts, but mostly for wheels and some times raid hideouts, or trebuchet builds. Yet they started to build with glitches, overuse or torches, blah, blah, blah and in some point they lost. I don’t need to continue things that you surely know way better than me about pvp building mistakes!
For pve-c, from the very beginning problems started! Vintage beef was playing in pve-c server, he loved the game and after a very successful series of 50 episodes, he was ready to create another series of 50 episodes for late game playing… He didn’t… Do you know why? Because pve-c is the king of trolls! So for the building trolls that pve-c had we can speak for days here!

Summary! If you wish to play on public servers act like it first! Because they are public and we are all guests!


THIS! It’s not the amount of buildings, it’s not the amount of foundations. It’s simply be respectful of others and since our constructs are regulated, they need to be obvious in this respect.

Too many times people want absolute metrics in this and there really isn’t one because focusing on the one defeats the purpose to begin with…if the metric is defined, I don’t have to show you respect if I’m within the limits of the regulation. See how that worked? Completely against the actual intent of the regulation…by quantification efforts, I have removed any responsibility towards fair play and general courtesy (better words than “respect” imho) . This is why I firmly stand against coding ethical play into it all…it cheapens the game and promotes the ideal that if you can get away with it, then you are fine. (sound familiar with some of the flybase/undermesh crap we have had to deal with?..our push to regulate by coding creates an acceptance level of cheating in our game’s culture and within 3 years we are all wondering what happened to the game and it’s over run with cheaters yada yada yada)


You see , as much as I agree with you on the fact that no one owns a public server , and that having played years on one doesn’t mean I have more “rights” than anyone else !

but at the same time you can’t state that someone that freshly arrives , has no clue on what the community of this server has been through , fighting or endorsing the toxicity , can rightfully report someone that has been playing years and went through various version of the TOC , played fairly under all conditions in his mind , without having at least the decency to be warned of the investigation and can only appeal the ban afterfacts.

by the way I’m also wondering what happens if a mistake is made and the person held up a strong appeal case but was deleted ( as it sometimes happen when offending structures are admin deleted ) , do they do a rollback of the server ?

I highly doubt it since it would impact everyone else on that server , so after playing X years of a game , they just going to give you a sry bro , my bad , well you can start again… ? I understand that no one has more rights than others on a public server , but if someone is helping it’s community in any form , for me he should have not more rights , but more value than someone that’s ruining it , and the latter is often the case ( be it by pure lack of knowledge of the game systems and building above the asura’s chosen spot and not being online at " regular hours of the day " )

I’m interested in how we could prevent more efficiently wrong case scenarios , like having an upvote system , where the number of hours you play on a server gives you points to upvote other clans, so that you can’t exploit it by creating X new clan and upvoting yourself as an other clan, then the admins could check the “community note” of said clan , to see if maybe the clans was indeed playing respectfully of others ( since if they aren’t , nobody would upvote them ) . ( this is just a thinking process , anyone should feel free to chalenge it ) :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


That’s a wonderfully utopian view you have there. The problem is, it doesn’t matter how respectfully you build, you can still be reported if someone doesn’t like the building or if they just don’t like you.

This whole view requires the people doing the reporting to be well meaning, altruistic players. And it’s frankly not the case.

There are no standards at all to be held to, and it’s problematic because of the way Funcom handles things.


Unfortunately they don’t warn. Some of us on the forums have been pushing for a warning system.

No and you can’t appeal a suspension, only a ban (permanent ban).

I don’t agree with this. There are no-lifers that absolutely still break ToC and are a bane to the community. They may be perma’d on occasion but still come back with their vitriol in new accounts. It may show 200 hours on a new account but that doesn’t wipe away the many hours they had before either. A couple of things to consider on that.

The system basically already votes by way of Zendesk and it isn’t going that great as more votes, despite its veracity, will still end in a suspension/ban.



Yet people will retort “if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to you won’t be suspended”.

Except it DOES happen.

“Oh they were doing something you just don’t know about”

Possibly, this does happen surely, but not always. We know that.


I have questions, because I’m curious. Answering them won’t really help you, but it might help the rest of the community in these discussions.

  • Were you playing PVP, PVE, or PVE-C?
  • Were you in a clan with someone else, or playing solo?
  • Is this a temporary suspension or a permanent ban?
    • If it’s a permanent ban, have you received a temporary suspension before?

My standard advice is “If you want to avoid suspensions, do everything you’re ‘supposed to’ and hope for the best. It’s not a guarantee you won’t get suspended anyway.”

But that’s a mouthful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes it’s true, but there’s a much worse problem than that: they might have been doing something they don’t know about.

I’m not saying Funcom admins don’t make mistakes. I’m sure they do, occasionally, but it’s impossible to reason about that when there’s no clarity about what exactly you did to get suspended in the first place.

Funcom should start providing that detailed information.


only some that have put the same measure of faith that FC is angelic as those that believe FC is the devil who is hell bent on stalking them just to ruin their game (not you but the two camps are definitely extremes)

Luckily most of us are in the middle that believe some instances of either error or abuse may have happened but their message gets ruined by the morally relative folks that have various excus…reasons to breach the ToS that they feel are justified because of how they play.


Then correct your interpretation if found in error or conflict with the server owner. It’s really that simple and no different than any private server expectations either. The ToS is no different than any other countless ToS/CoC I have agreed with in other games. These are FC servers and are open to get people motivated to play and encourage new people to the game. They aren’t there because you have some right to them…you don’t.

It’s their BBQ. We are just here for some grub and socializing. Your money went towards the game, that’s it.

Join the club but don’t expect any benefits as this club only gets doubts and accusations.


My dearest master @Kanza1, happy new year and thanks for the reply :pray:t6:. I do understand how frustrating it can be. The only reason i am not suspended yet is because i am lucky, i am no better than anyone! Because when i play i am loosing it a bit and i may fill a base on zero time with practical nonsense. Now i don’t do it anymore because i simply can’t! I say i was lucky because i play on PlayStation 4, so my console alone didn’t allow me to play anymore in “heavy” bases, so i had to adjust my gaming to the minimum possible! Yes i couldn’t enjoy the game as the other console users could, but since i had to adapt to this new reality, i couldn’t be malicious to servers anymore!
Again, i am no better than anyone and in my bad luck i turned out very lucky!
But even when i could play like anybody else, i was always respectful! Before the merge announcement , i alone let everything to decay. Not just on 3728, but in every single server i participated! Why? Because o was bound to these efforts, bound as a prisoner, no matter what, i had to think for all of my builds in all the servers and fix schedules for refreshing…
So wrong…
My decision to let them decay was the best decision i ever made in my gaming life on this game! I was free, i great weight left my brains, it was liberating!
So for me these new rules was no problem anymore. I find no reason to play with fear and commitment, it’s a game and it must be fun, nothing else! Even when i had to delete all my data on single player, it didn’t hurt at all. Liberate your self my master, you don’t need Conan exiles, Conan exiles needs you!

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Exactly. And I see where the disconnect is. Yes these are guidelines in expectations of how to behave, not a set of laws or rules. They have 100% full authority and responsibility to remove anyone not meeting expectations.

Even in this example of rules…guess what? There are exceptions to this that are not quantified. If the speed limit is 55 and someone in front of you is going 25…your speed limit is now 25 else you get sited for reckless driving. You don’t get to plow through others just because the speed limit is higher than when it is functionally safe to drive in with others on the road.


I’m actually very surprised that people are still so blinded by the broken and highly abused system that is the tos.


I got suspened by similar reasons. By experience i recomend to not scather building and dont link them, concentrate in only one spot, with in my opnion a 20x20 aprox size should be fine, with no claims around. It will reduce the chance of getting suspended whe you got reported. I had a base that not botered anyone by 2 years grande e espalhada (this was my error, all open to anyone, this was another error because griefers gone inside and got envy), till a group of player gathered togheter to report me, if they found anything reportable they will do so, and FC will strike their hammer, the only way is not to leave breachs to be exployted.

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Yup. Which brings to light the importance of :


We definitely know that there is a disconnect. It sucks. It doesn’t mean that Funcom is out to get us like @erjoh is pointing out. I do not believe for one second that those taking care of tickets have a personal slight against any of us. They have a job to do and are going based on their own procedures. But ya, mistakes happen. ToC is easy to break and procedures just as much easily misinterpreted. We’re human. It just royally sucks on both ends :confused: