Can anyone tell me if this will get me banned

So someone told me that I can get banned for having a jump pad I always have them and when I got banned for land claim I didn’t get banned for having them can anyone tell me if this is true or not

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The community is a tad divided on this particular instance however I do know of others who probably were suspended for this.

Since it is technically an exploit of the building system.

Couple that with the land claim itself it makes for the perfect recipe to bake a suspension.

Do I agree? No.

Would Funcom officially clarify? Also no.

Proceed with caution.


Thanks I never been banned b4 for having them only keep getting banned for land claim they never said exploits the last two times I was banned I have them there

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I suggest if you’ve already been banned numerous times for other stuff, you’re better off playing it safe or going to a private server. No purpose in pushing your luck with exploits and the like. It’s too risky and seems pretty dumb (no offense) to try and find loopholes when you’re already on thin ice.

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The rule I have adopted regarding questions like this-

If you have to ask, you probably already know the answer.

The opinions of the folks here have no bearing on how the Reviewing Agents will respond to submitted tickets.

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Do you know the actual specifics for land claim? Like, you knew exactly why or were told by Funcom?

The reason I ask is that often the land claim violation seems to be a blanket reason that also includes building exploitation.

Yeah they just said it was land claim we was at war with a 20 man clan in like 37 people got banned at the same time lol

Ahh so mass reports then?