real update conan exils

For when a real update after spending at home?

For those who are fed up, I create a petition so that finally we get a real update.

The updates and fixes are coming, slowly, but they’re coming.

Sorry, but they do not coming slowly, they just didn’t come!
The last pc update was at 25th May. And until today nothing.
The most people would be happy, if there where a patch or a fix for the 20 most annoying problems and have not to wait week over week for the “big bang patch”.

At the same day, we got the last pc version patch (25.05), we got the information “Hotfixes/Smaller Patches vs. Bigger Updates”
“… We are currently doing a lot of smaller hotfixes for crashes and other critical issues either reported by the community or highlighted through internal testing. While these might not fix the issues for everyone immediately, each of these smaller updates is an improvement for someone …”.

But at least for the pc version, we got not one patch since then.

I understand everybody, who’s pissed off and angry about the situation.

– Michael –

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