Rebalance bow? Thought's?

I’ve not seen Accuracy builds dominate. There’s still way more STR builds being used. And there was a thread talking about builds recently. No one was speaking about Accuracy at all in that thread. Shall we take an excerpt?

An interesting all rounded build with the ability to easily replace lost gear. Not a bad suggestion. But still focused on Melee. Specifically the spear was mentioned (only thing I pretty much disagree with in that thread).

Surprised no one in that thread suggested an Archery build if they’re so dominating. Are you all going to recant your statements and builds in that thread in favor of superior Accuracy builds?


In that thread he asked for a good PVP build and that’s the one people use the most. I could have given him a archer build too, but now I didnt.

Too see you disagree with spear is just showing exactly the opposite of what you typed earlier in this thread, that u had plenty of knowledge and experience in PVP. Spear is one of the most used melee weapons because of the abbility to chase people. What weapon would you suggest?

And also, did you watch the Video @AxeIsAnnoying posted earlier? You dont see that even in close range, the bow is super strong. The time in the video he told you about, is where a guy with bow is closed inside a small area and still get’s the kill against a spinning axe. And no, everyone is not using bow build. U have 1-2 bows / team (like always) but that does not mean that it’s not very strong compared to melee weapons.

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