Rebalance Tanking sugestios (lets not just be a HP bar)

Hi, i was traying alitle tanking the other day and it fell diferen, but not in a fun way. i agree that tanks need rebalnce for the healers. but this are may fealings
the chance to tank just by anima alocation is interesting open tanking for other wepons at hight gear rates
Life bufs not stackings make using two tanking wepons make it less apealing.
Lack of meninfull interaction makeme fell like just a HP bar for the healer to mage

I sugest if the healing will be left for the healers (which make sense) tanks can recive a diverent interection in thwe way of battlefield control (not sure about the rest but as a tank beside staying in front of the big guy and being able to takeit managing the flow of the battle is something i like)
this can came in diferent flavor for each arm from auras, buffs, movement hinders and party mitigation, and any form of enemy manipulation .
and the triger for tanks abilitis can be the fact that tanks are being targeted( if they are doing their job right) (targeted not necesary hited)

well this ar my 2 p
Hope they Nailed it, Chears