Recipe change: Serpent-man Arrow

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Bug or intended?
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The Serpent-man Arrow recipe changed with the update from:

  • 10 Branch
  • 2 Iron Bar
  • 3 Feather


  • 10 Branch
  • 10 Iron Bar
  • 3 Feather
  • 10 Demon Blood

(no thrall in the seat)

While I personally do not mind the change, was it intentional or a bug?




Maybe that one guy made Funcom rethink the situation and realize that that one guy was right. Even though getting the recipe is a pain (I actually haven’t got it, yet), it’s a one-time pain, after which you’re able to make superior arrows with the same materials as iron arrows. Whether the added cost is balanced is a different matter, but I do kinda understand that they used to be a little too good for budget options.


Heh, might be worth trying.

That said, although I know little about coding, I suspect changing one item’s crafting recipe requires significantly less effort (probably just a few cells in a database) than fixing e.g. the whole game physics that make rhinos fly. (I believe a rhino actually achieved escape velocity earlier this week - it shot straight upwards, and I never saw it land. Maybe the true way to escape the Exiled Lands really is building a spaceship.)


Please keep the feedback constructive.
@Jim1, we’ll poke our team to see if this is intended.

EDIT: Got word back. This seems like an intended change.

Demonblood. What?? Then it should give corruption to make sense of this change. Demonblood arrows dafuq?

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No, they will not listen to him…

Because his main complain was dragonbone arrows are to expensive and then he compared it with Serpentman…

Funcom solution: make Serpentman more expensive :rofl:
Dragonbone arrows still the same sh*t…


To be fair, were all swimming in demon blood… not that bad of a change.

They found a good use for it, instead of toning down drops. LOL

I miss old older patch were it didnt need feat… and making it to volcano and climbing tower got you some better arrows for hard work. XD
But o well…

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Thanks, Ignasis.



good change, overpowered b/c of the mats required to make… that was a smart move on you funcom!

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Endgame players have enough of it…
But then again, a casual player probably doesnt even know that such a recipe exists…

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its a end game arrow , and well , its player fault if they dont know how to get it, the recipe is not even hard to get.
and demon blood can be found even at the noob river.


Yeah, but in what amount of you get demon blood at noob river…

But its ok. Endgame recipe needs endgame materials…

But the Dragonbone is still bad… because thats the ONLY arrow (IMHO), which needs 1 feather/arrow…

feathers are easy to get, dragon bone at level 60 also easy to get by farmin the little dragons (babies) At unnamed city. and it is also a level 60 arrow. :slight_smile:

I don’t see that the change was necessary, but I am thankful that it wasn’t to something more prohibitive. I can see that different mats make them seem more distinct.

I think of Serpent-man tech as “premium store brand”: competitive, durable, great value, but will never be the very top performer. Kirkland Signature arrows.

i disagree, the arrows were way way to cheap by the damage they offered. i believe it was a good change.

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Good decision Funcom! :+1:

The Serpentman-weapons always felt to cheap for me. Anybody unhappy with should consider, that these arrows are endgame tire which means that you can optain/have all necessary rescources in very high numbers present. Slay the king beneath, the giant snake or the Black Yeti just once and you will have plenty of demon blood. Iron is also cheap in endgame, sticks, feathers… are all no big deal. Compared to Star-metal or Dragonbone arrows the price is still very competitive.

I have more feathers I will ever need. Have opened >300 boxes from killed bearers.
Its a design flaw. Thats it.

Make it 10bones + 5 feathers = 10 arrows.

Its even 2 feathers/arrow with a T4 thrall.
Normal recipe is 2 dragonbone + 5 feathers.

Lets Take a look at Star metal arrows:
10 branch, 2 starmetal, 4 feathers for 10 arrows!!

No other recipe needs 5 feathers and you will mostly get 10 or 5 arrows, not only 1.

Yeah I still feel like Dragonbone arrows should give 2 instead of 1 arrow per recipe.

I just made them for the first time today after seeing how cheap they were and was surprised it was just 1. They should just adjust the cost x10 and craft 10 at a time.

Depending on your tool…way to much. LOL

I travel past there time to time looking for them, I usually find 1 or 2 along newbie river.

At start of game, i’ll save up gas orbs just cheese on of them. XD