Recipe grey ones weapon

Anyone can tell me the name of the recipe ?

You have to learn each weapon, you have to find the objects around the world and click on them to learn the short sword for example

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Interesting, thank you. I was expecting to get it from schematic fragments or something. I’ll keep my eyes open for them.

I need the name for recipe scoll from admin tool , i want create dungeons with this recipe in loot ^^

This is hte shortsword location, its just a hilt sticking our of the rubble if i remember correctly. See if you can find it and see what feat it unlocks, maybe that’ll help. Hopefully it does

Sry but this no need for me :slight_smile: we have savage wilds map and they have no stones to learn it , so i like to create selfmade dungeons so can my player lernn it by a recipe scroll , I need the name of the recipe scroll in admin tool.

idk if it works, maybe try spawn the item and shove it into a delving bench, idk if it works but its worth a shot

I am admin , i can create all in admin cheat tool. when i know the name of the recipescroll i can spawn it.

yeah i was suggesting to try delve the item to see if it gives you the recipe scroll…

a okay yes i test it , good idea. hmm no reaktion…

find the obsidian is much harder then finding the recipes. super hard to even make them. looking for pointers from anyone on how to get the ore i need to make them.

once you looted them you can simply repair them (if you know the recipe) at a cheap cost at your own bench (less than 10 for a 2h sword for exemple)

and easy to find recipe… good luck to one able to find the axe, mace and the bow recipe :o

So far I’ve found the katana, shield, armor (light), and dagger. Still haven’t found bow, mace, or 2h sword that I want.

As far as ore, all I’ve been doing is dismantling grey one weapons to get composite obsidian bars. It’s not much but it’s enough for me so far.

2h sword location =>
(grey one banner recipe is near, just behind the king scorp)

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Excellent. The armor is on the south side at a small structure on the ground level. It looks like a small pike with the light armor grey one helm on it. It’s a small square structure that a big grey one stands holding a hammer. I’m thinking on the west side of the middle pool, the lower level there under it but I don’t 100% remember. I’ll note the location the next time I go back. The dagger I think I found at the Proving Grounds, stuck in the alter in one of the buildings. The shield I think was in one of the Grey One ruins sw of that. I remember it was just laying on the ground not inside a building.

If anyone needs more information beyond the minimap to find let me know and I’ll share.

Grey One Armor (the light version)

Grey One Daggers

Grey One Shortsword

Grey One Katana

Grey One Shield

Grey One Warhammer

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