Red Dragon Messed up

Any fix or workaround for this fight? Thrall’s keep sinking under the ground, figured with the new ai update they might have fixed this but they haven’t.

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The workaround I’ve had some success with is to run away, just hopefully not too far to reset her. Run far enough away and it forces the thrall to follow you, resulting in him being at ground level again. You’ll have to experiment with what chase/attack distance settings you want on your thrall behavior in order to fine tune it. You should know, though, that I’ve been playing on testlive lately, so the behavior may not be in the regular game yet.

I have had some success with ruing around in circles spamming the command to tell the thrall to move until it does.

Give the thrall a spear. That way he/she can still reach the Red Mama from underground. After killing and looting her, run far enough away and wait for the thrall to teleport to you.

Same happens to me. Thrall are useless against dragons. Every time the dragon goes above the trall, this goes undermesh and stop attacking.
Also the dragon freezes for some seconds.

I think we should report this in the bug section

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