Rehab Gaming Conan light RP STARTER KIT

Hey iam from the gaming community Rehab.
We have desided to open up a Conan server.
and hope to get this running.
as it seems some of the other games like ARK and Life is feudal have died out.

Iam one of the admins there. and been admin for Arma 2 dayz for over a year.

We plan on when (if) server gets better to also do more event.s
and posibly more servers.

The server we have now.
is a Light RP /pvp server,.
Server Region:

we are a few active (super active) staff members.
And a Enjin forum
But come join us on our Teamspeak and have a talk whit one of our staff members.
and ask the questions you might have.
Setting Value
Max Nudity Full
No Ownership False
Can Damage Player Structures True
Offline Players Remain In The World True
Durability Multiplier 100%
Drop Equipment On Death True
Everybody Can Loot Corpse True
Day Cycle Speed Scale 100%
Day Time Speed Scale 100%
Night Time Speed Scale 100%
Dawn Dusk Speed Scale 100%
Player Health Multiplier 100%
Player Stamina Multiplier 100%
Stamina Cost Multiplier 100%
Item Spoil Rate Scale 150%
Harvest Amount Multiplier 400%
Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier 300%

I play on this server and I must say it is one of the best that I have played on so far

Your forum is hideous and who uses teamspeak anymore? What is this 2009?