Relaunching the instances

This game is not getting any expansion, conan exile could have been one, anyway we have many instances, why not to use them?

Most of the time the instances we do are mona/palace/chaos. This is because these instances are fast and easy to do, and as soon you finish them you can redo them again.

What about the other instances? The celestial, malice, yag, those were great instances nobody is doing anymore, i believe because players just got lazy and the most of the instances we do are fast and easy. In easy words always the same ones. It is getting really boring.

The suggestion is this, every week or every month, why don’t you pick an instance and don’t you give to it a 50% bonus in points and drops? This way players might join back those instances and find out the content this game has but has always been ignored by most of the players.

Also i do not remember if this is actually there already, but the low level instances, they are well made too, if a group of level 80 joins those instances for levels 20 for example, why not make it a way the stats of the instance will be able to give a challenge to the level 80.

I guess there are about 50 instances we can do, but so far less than 6 or 7 of them are only made.

By relaunching the instances not only you will make the game more fun, and you might get more players back, but rather than an expansion that probably we wont get you can use what you already have, because i say it by experience, most of the instances out there many players have never done them. Regards.

Here is me hoping for Atzels Fortress and Xibaluku Unchained one day. Unchained versions of low level dungeons are welcome as well.

atzels unchained is vanaheim :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

people have mentioned similar things on other threads,personally i would like to see some instances like sanctum/ amp /xib turned into a raid if anything…especially sanctum which has a rather large map inside,is stunning visually,has quite a few bosses inside that could be reworked and a tonne of npc’s to mow through and it would be great to see an acheronian based raid and due to the size of the map could have different bosses added to it if needed…think the thread funcom must recycle had alot of good points to it few weeks back ect.

Sanctum as a raid would be terrific. nice idea.


I like where you thoughts are… it is time to unleash more (Unchained - mode) to Hyborian-dungeons; Black Castle, Pyramid of the Ancients, Cradle of Decay, Toirdealbach’s Tomb, Border Range, and definitely Sanctum of the Burning Souls!