Release tomorrow?

From all I’ve seen so far, I’m pretty sure today’s update will be kraken-lacking.


I think the release has been cancelled. Maybe next week.

same here, it should be out by now :frowning:
Well that gives me time to play season 3 of call of duty! hehe

So, instead of kraken-lacking, it’s just lacking?

On a more serious note, I think they said on the dev stream that they’re aiming for today or tomorrow.

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We still have a couple tomorrow left :wink:

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So is the update live already? I tried logging in but was kicked from the server, message said that I was running an outdated version (no mods)

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I’m currently downloading a 42.2 GB update. If that ain’t the 2.4 patch, I wonder what it is.

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The new patch has arrived :wink:


Oh here we go. Had to restart Steam.

Can’t wait >.< it’s also the perfect time, my baby is taking her nap! Hurry up Steam for the love of Yog!

41 Gig? Ouch

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imagine my pain. i had just installed the testlive branch prior to the livestream yesterday on my laptop for testing on lower spec hardware. now i get to update the main install, too (as well as server, and main game rig… and mods).

Not truly complaining though. been looking forward to some of the things in this patch with eager anticipation.

Puting 42 GB update release at begining of raid time lol
I knew they don’t play on their official “pvp” servers :joy:

Even if they could release it at different times for different regions – which I’m not sure Steam supports – the players from one region would complain about not getting the update at the same time as players from another. No matter what they do, there will be someone like you who will find a reason to complain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1 hour 46 Minuten for the update :wink: still a lot but :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah making the update around a time for a miniscule percentage of the playerbase makes a ton of sense. Lets break this down to see just how small this actually is.

1/8th plays on official.
About half of that plays PVP.
About half or 2/3rds play with raid timers.
Not sure what timezone this is but I’m gonna assume its about half (probably less) of that as well.

That rounds out to be less than 2% of the playerbase. So tell me why the rest of us 98% should wait for your raid time? Come on, let us know.


It’s always raid time somewhere, since raid time lasts 5 hours and the game is available in multiple regions :smiley:

Oh I know. I saw their comment and was like wth… I woke up to an updated game, what are they talking about?

Could be worse, could be like FFXIV (japanese timezone update schedule), and you always see complaints about update times. Companies tend to update their games when the majority of their people are at work… imagine that? :smile:

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How about the players that are on 100mb+ download speed.

Imo the time for releasing is important IF a hotfix is need it shortly after. Rest is irrelevant, bases will be raided regardless.

It took me 10 minutes to update, I am on my landlords comcast internet, which is not anything special. The only saving grace is that one of my roommates is in class and the other one is at her job ATM. Otherwise they hog the bandwidth alll day.

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