Relying on the rules of the game, Funcom can squat players and clans on official servers quite arbitrarily :(

Funcom has drawn up its rules so that they can almost always give a clan a band if they want to, if even if a stick or stone can’t spawn again, it’s a game of distraction and can make a band.

These online games should even get rudimentary consumer protection when such a customer, the hostile gaming company Funcom, treats its customers really badly.

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Good, watch what you do. FC wouldn’t have to give themselves so much liberty with bans if the player base weren’t so willing to screw each other over for a little advantage.


Please show one example of Funcom being hostile towards anyone. I would love to see this.


Everything is a full clan of ten people and we have a dozen bases, we have been playing this game for about three years in that. server and won all our wars against the trolls, so that we are united by about five different clans. For this reason we have really big bases and when a new appellant enters the game let the old loyal players face a hostile Funcom us a two week ban when our big base blocks that new player’s complaint according to something, the two big bases that Funcom destroyed blocked only the stones, sticks and trees for spawning, and some hyenas and other unfortunate creatures for spawning. And on top of all that, this was the second time Funcom did that, the first time Funcom destroyed three really big bases, and we already thought that was enough for them, but they do their job with such poor work ethic that now six months later two if there were to be to destroy, that new unfortunate player when choosing them, and then that appellant apparently stopped the game, so that your hostility Funcom blocked 10 old players because of one new complaint, and that new did not even bother to play there. We were just recovering from the previous funcom unfair attack when it attacked again, this time we probably won’t recover anymore and there will be a couple of three players left on the server.

First of all there are these things called sentences. Please try using them to make your point a little more clear next time. Second of all, if you have had buildings removed by Funcom then you were in violation of the rules. That is not Funcom being “hostile” that is your clan violating the rules. Do not attempt to pass the blame to someone else for your own wrong doings. And as you have clearly admitted this is not even the first time this has happened then your clan was already fully aware that what you were doing was against the rules and yet you did it anyway. So you still have not provided any examples of Funcom being hostile towards anyone. You have only provided an example that your clan is a repeated violator of the rules. Sorry Tita, you made your bed now you have to sleep in it.


Sorry for my poor English skills, I have to use a google translator all the time to help me, but that still doesn’t make me stupid. Unfortunately, you didn’t understand or probably didn’t even want to understand. But you wanted to hide behind the grammar and condemned me like funcom collectively for what others do, in normal life it’s criminal, but in these games you play are outlawed and completely at the mercy of funcom. Funcom doesn’t care about any of the devastation it intends to have and is therefore like any terrible ruler.

Funcom doesn’t care what you do on their servers as long as you stay within the Terms of Service. You broke the terms and they revoked the service.


I never once said you were stupid. I only tried to help you by saying that using sentences would make your wall of text more coherent. But you are not a native English speaker so I am sorry if you took my works to make you feel stupid, that was not my intent. I was trying to help you to make you get your point across more clearly, that was all.

Again, I think due to the langue barrier you are not understanding. I never attacked you because of your grammar. And I understood what you said. You said that your clan has on more than one occasion been reported to Funcom via Zendesk (the only way reports can be make) and they investigated and found your clan to be in violation of a rule and took action against your clan. More than once. What did I not understand?

You agree to the terms and conditions when you purchase any game. Play any online game and violate the rules they have in place and the company can and will enact whatever punishment they deem justified up to and including banning players. This is not criminal, it is 100% legal. They employ entire legal teams to ensure that it is legal.

That is an unverifiable and baseless claim and you know it. You are falling on the same old tired trope of crying out with slander in order to provoke an emotional response to further a narrative. That’s not how reality works. Provide proof with verifiable evidence or you have nothing.

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Can we program this line into the heads of all online PvP players please?

you know this conversation is so cringe. Firstly someone raising a topic and at every turn and opportunity someone gets in with a condescending remark. FYI - i had the same experience was away for a few weeks come back to a ban. i have no clue about meshing and all this dubious underhand playing some players uses and exploits, but still got a ban no clue why or for how long. so those of you who cant respond decently because your are protected by a keyboard and a screen hope you feel good with yourselves. If Funcom can give an explanation as to why a ban is enforced by all means i will understand and take it up with the clan mates, but from where i stand got banned for no obvious reason and base deleted. in addition not even to mention the inconstancy in which this ban was applied i was banned and a few others then some others not. Does not make sense at all.

If you want to get more information or appeal your ban coming to the forums won’t help you, as FC employees won’t talk about it here and players can’t give you any answers beyond telling you to read and follow the rules.

Here’s the bit from the rules to help you appeal

“If you want to appeal a ban, please contact us through Zendesk , selecting “Why was I banned” as the type of issue and providing relevant information such as character names, servers you’ve played on, and clans you were part of.”

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pfft done that no response…but this is how it works it is all about who you know in the funcom world right…
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for starters, I would be much more understanding if OP hadn’t started out by saying…

I’m sorry but OP had already laid the foundation.
Problem is, people see these posts a lot and in most cases they probably got what they deserved.
Personally I have never been banned, so I don’t know how specific Funcom is with explaining why a ban was given, but I once saw someone writing in a way how he was falsely banned, there was something about this guy that rang a bell in my head, and I suddenly realized that we played on the same server, and what he had described about his building didn’t match up at all with what we saw on the server, his ban was indeed well deserved.

The problem is that we have no way of knowing if someone was in fact banned on a wrong reason, and it is not our place to judge, however I can understand that sometimes mistakes will be made, but wouldn’t it be better to take it up with Funcom, appeal and explain to see if they are willing let you off a bit easier, I’ve heard that happening too :slight_smile:

The rules in TOC isn’t 100% specific because if they were I can guarantee you that people would go right to the limit, and bend it where they can - It is the nature of competitive online gaming, at least for a lot of players.
I believe that the current system is much better than what we had way back, we have Zendesk where you actually can send a report about reasons to why you got a ban.
Also I kinda like that nothing is set in stone and numbers about how far you can go before you may get a ban, having real people look into it and decide if it is banable or not, is in my book a better way, it probably won’t feel fair to everyone, but people are people, we all look at things differently :slight_smile:

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Yes I agree. The rules are not clearly written. Especially in terms of development. It is not at all clear where the borders of “Irresponsible abuses of the building system” are. For example, I need to build vaults. How many vaults can I build? 100 is this ok? what about 200?
Although I do not think that I will be banned for 7 days if I build 1 vault more than necessary,
, many positions could be limited programmatically. For example, in Siptah, much more space is initially inaccessible for building.

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Greetings Everyone,

As @OctaviousWrex mentioned, please reach out on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
You will get a reply as soon as possible. The team is dealing with a higher number of reports at the moment so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures