Removal of hyper armor is the worst change in the history of the entire game

EDIT: blocking with my shield seems to be better now, i just did a purge and blocking felt pretty seamless. perhaps it was an issue on my end.


before i get started, id like to say that i know i was asked to make a video showing my experiences with several issues in the purge. that videos still coming. ive just been very busy lately and havent had time to create an in depth video showing and explaining the issues at hand. but now for the topic at hand:

as the thread states, the removal of hyper armor when attacking enemies is hands down the absolute worst change you guys have ever implemented in the history of this entire game.

now i dont play pvp, so i cant talk on how this may impact that aspect of the game. maybe it brought much needed balancing to that front. i dont i know, i cant really talk on that.

what i can tell you, however, is that in pve, its enraging. fighting enemies with spears ensures you will never be able to attack as the light spear jab is faster than any other weapon. if theres packs of enemies using spears, forget it, its not playable.

when youre being swarmed by mass numbers of enemies on all sides, in theory, this would be the best situation to use the 1h axe heavy combo, or the 2h hammer light combo, as these combos lead into devastating 360 degree aoe attacks. however, if youre being swarmed on all sides, you will get hit, guaranteed, and your attacks will stop dead in their tracks. you will have to restart the combo. then you get hit again before even finishing your first attack. then you have to restart again.

its a catch 22. why do these weapons have 360 degree attacks at the end of their combos if you cant even get that far into the combo to land these attacks? as far as pve goes, there was absolutely no reason to take away the hyperarmor. it doesnt make it more challenging, it just enables you to be monumentally cheesed and essentially prevents you from playing the game.

now combine this with the fact that once the AI starts attacking, they cannot be stopped. they will attack right through anything you do like a machine, and if you dont get out of the way or block, there is nothing you will do to stop them. blocking at a moments notice can be finnicky, and often times when you press the block button, you either dont block at all and have to push it again, or its very delayed. this relegates combat to a dark souls combat roll simulator. i hate dark souls games and am not trying to replicate that experience. but with the removal of hyper armor and none responsive shield blocking, thats what we get: attack, roll roll roll roll, attack, roll roll roll roll.

the way it worked before chapter 2 was perfect, and in my opinion, there was no reason to make this change. correct me if im wrong, but i dont recall this being mentioned in the patch notes anywhere, not once. it was a very unpleasant surprise that essentially made several weapons completely useless. what was the point? please do something about this. i find myself in too many unplayable situations when being attacked by groups of enemies.


I think when a toon becomes invincible, at al levels of health, it is of concern. It is the mana of the encumbrance build.


I feel the frustration. I get tired of having my health half deleted by thralls with hammers. (Knowing damn well that my own thralls can barely attack with one.) The biggest thing for me is that my stamina is never enough. I can’t full combo with a Momentum, roll 40x, and run out of the line of pikes.

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One of the last times my wife and I played together we were on pve trying to get bearers. I finally set up a bed roll down would attempt to kill the ones we didn’t want many that used various weapons before now had spears die go back to body they would also chase you further than before, Bringing a Thrall meant they died. Never in the 5 plus years of playing had I died so many times we were low level crappie armor but had pulled this off previously. This was along newbie River to the East.

After some combat practice, I managed to adjust a little. I reduced stamina cost to 50%, which made combat bearable again, but it’s still just less fun than before.

Combat balance was great in Age of Sorcery, at least for PvE.


i actually dont mind the stamina change. it depletes fast, but it restores even faster. that never bothered me. the hyperarmor change has me tilted though, especially considering that the AI still maintains theirs and they cant be stopped when theyre executing a combo

hyperarmor did not make you invincible. it just made it so you can take a hit while attacking and continue to attack without getting interrupted. every combo still had a spot where you could get interrupted and would have to start the combo over, but i felt it was much more reasonable before chapter 2.

if theyre going to completely remove hyperarmor from the player, than the AI needs to be completely stripped of theirs as well. its ridiculous when i got guys coming at me swinging who cant be interrupted but if someone sneezes too close to me my combo is stopped dead in its tracks.

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Enemies (humans) use the same weapons we do, and have the same bonuses and penalties we get. If they’re immune to flinch, then that is a bug as that was supposed to be removed with Age of War.

Flinch/stun immunity was something NPCs used to have prior to Age of War where they could be staggered or flinched so many times before becoming immune for a bit. If that is happening then its time to bug report it.

This one personally thinks the way hyper armour was reduced is, perhaps, not exactly where it should be.
Leaving the PvP parts aside (and yes, this one has severe issue with it in PvP, more than PvE honestly, but that’s because it aggravates existing problems as much as being it’s own issue, and couples with vector correction too nicely. Text wall available upon request, but it’s a big worn can), the timing of when hyper armour exists vs doesn’t, and the issue that some enemies (mostly undead types, Gray ones, but occasionally the random regular) don’t stun and also cannot be interrupted does cause things to require much more surgical care.

People complained about how laughably easy trash mobs were with the previous update.
Well, that’s been corrected.
Many may say over corrected.
But we cannot pretend crickets were the response to the previous complaint in that regard.

Is the interruption system currently overturned while hyper armour is undertuned or perhaps misapplied?
This one thinks so.
While this one’s personal favourite weapons, Spear and Shortsword, heavily benefit from the current system, it does feel a bit much.

Against NPCs, always start the battle with an arrow to the knee.


So even if you don’t kill them, you limit their future career options? Cruel and unusual.

I admit, I haven’t really noticed any change in hyperarmor, but then again, I prefer a more mobile and dodgy combat style over face-tanking groups of enemies.

A single spear-wielding adversary is easy enough to defeat. A single-handed sword’s heavy opener, or even a daggers’ light attack, cover enough distance that you can get your first hit in before the spear-user pokes you, if you time it correctly. Or you can roll forward to dodge the spear’s first attack and then whack him with whatever you have. If facing multiple spear-wielders, you need to move around so they can’t surround you, or you’re screwed, and rightly so.

Truncheoning a spear-user has always been a pain in the neck, that hasn’t changed.

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As noted, some playstyles won’t notice the change, or will benefit.

But if you use Maces, Axes, or Greatswords… High start up time AoE weapons…
That weapon is no longer supported.

If you weren’t a light armour roller troller, you are obsolete.

It’s not as bad in PvE, but it’s still noticable, especially if playing on a server with any lag at all.

As far as roll counter to spear.
That’s a complete dice roll. Depending upon latency roll I-frames won’t always synch with the spear hit time and you still get stabbed out of the roll.

Also, being an NPC in Skyrim is a far kinder fate than anything in the Exiled Lands.
But no, the point is to apply cripple. But we all know the strange magic of the bracelets instantly heals anyone once they snap back to their leash points. :wink:

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Beautiful effort, to many i agree, to others no, but beautiful effort for conversation, well done @Einarr.
Before i start, i cannot speak for pvp either, only pve.
1 hammer attack.
Hammer opponents were extremely easy, now they remain easy but you need to be more careful, that’s all.
2. hyper armor removal.
It just removed the awesomeness of using this option while fighting. Don’t forget that it’s removed both from npcs and us, not only from us. I believe however that because it is the most powerful hit it’s good that it’s removed. Although “removed” is incorrect because you can still do powerful attacks yet with more “cunning”.
3. Attack 360. It seems this way but it’s not. Now random and lucky dodge will not save you. What will save you is dodge in the correct timing and to the correct destination. Now you can dodge literally every attack, so you may be able to spam dodge but only correct dodge will give you easy fights, nothing else. Unfortunately this demands performance too and most of the player make conclusions from official gaming that performance is bad.

We should not bring fighting conclusions by testing online unless your performance is equally to the single player.

  1. Npc damage. Well done, i really like it.

  2. Mob damage. It needs tuning to go up, way up. A simple heavy armor and the skeletons are making 3 dmg… Really??? Fights should be challenging and difficult, most of the mobs and animals do this damage to us now, this is wrong.

    AIM BOT…
    When i focus on an enemy, without using the lock target (remove it please it’s wrong), my toon decides to hit another opponent than the one i focus on.

Edit. Reading again my topic, i didn’t say what i wish for hyper armor attacks.
I want them back, i don’t care it seems unbalanced, playing and feeling awesome is more important than anything else.

… would need to remove any target lock that comes with conan before one can declare peace on this matter.

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This also annoyed me, until about a year ago I found a setting that automatically locks the player on the enemy NPC that is closest to the player at the moment of impact. After turning it off everything is fine.
Now I tried to find this setting in the game, and couldn’t find it.
Mystic… :thinking: Or I just forgot.

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When the game started your attack was going on the direction you were looking, it had no lock it was free. Every lock on target is wrong, i may use a weapon attack instead of dodge if i wish :man_shrugging:. Not that it’s not possible to do it now too but you don’t have the complete control of your fight because your toon chooses where to combo not you. On boss fights you don’t have this issue, you find this issue only on multiple enemies. Give me back my freedom in fight, simple as that :man_shrugging:.

Yes exactly. I remember that I disabled some setting. It’s probably called something like ‘switch to next enemy’, it’s at the bottom of the list. But I’m not sure. See if you have it enabled, try disabling it.

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I wrote a long screed about why the hyper-armor changes are terrible for both PvP and PvE, mostly from the perspective of an avid PvPer. Feel free to DM me for a link to it as I’ve already posted it on like 3 threads now.

There were so many ways to make PvE combat more difficult besides stripping an important mechanic like this. If you want to make enemies harder, make them more reactive. Give them a dodge roll, let them use more than one weapon, improve their pathing to let them flank a player instead of running right into them, give them an aggro-specific check that stops them from running into an active hyper-laden moveset.

These changes weren’t well thought out and the impact they’ve had on both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game has been overwhelmingly negative.

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They move fast these days! My own personal experience: If they attack in a wedge, a bow cripples the leader until you can get out a weapon that applies cripple, or has crowd control or both.

I kinda like the way it is now, I’ve been playing intensely to level to 60 quickly, and it makes for very challenging combat. Not that I leaned on hyperarmor before, but now I don’t think about anything other than “don’t get hit.”

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My beef on the combat is that it now lacks grace. My combat music used to be waltzes since you had four step and you attack may be an effective dodge at times, but now…roll roll roll.


You must have adored the old mace animation where it looked like you were a dancing Conductor, waving a deadly baton!

Two new things I’ve been enjoying: the scrounge from various caves is not just great for picking lotus, it also exposes me to weapons I wouldn’t try out. I rather like the leap with the axe, and the whirling combat with axe and shield. It’s fun to watch. And the “special combat” poke and backward leap with the short sword is very, very cool. I have a feeling there are more dance moves to come, but for now it’s kinda like you said: Foxtrot.

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