Remove completely or increase zone cap for lairs


Dear Funcom, I know yo have the best intentions to make us mere players enjoy your product ( trust me we really want to ) but IMO the player cap on zones is just hamstringing us , esp when we want to do a small simple thing known as a lair, you get your group, you Mu and lo and behold , 30 mins later, you are able to run said content , after wasting so much time bouncing from zone to zone to find an instance which is not full, why do you penalize the very people you want to stay keep retain and play your product if you keep putting stupid restrictions on the player base, so may I kindly suggest that you go back and reconsider this ■■■ back ward decision , so we can actually play your dam game without wasting needless time or group players because of a stupid restriction which prevents us from just signing up for a group/ raid play and go. Thanks


Thanks for the feedback!

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