Remove Dismiss Thrall from Radial Menu

After just losing a thrall to an accidental dismiss thrall command when trying to do the follow command I want to petition to have the dismiss thrall button remove and changed to absolutely anything else on the radial menu. It is dangerous and there is no confirmation when it’s used accidentally.

There is no reason this has to be on the radial menu any more since we have a dedicated menu for thrall management now where you can dismiss them from that menu.

Please for the love of crown change this to literally anything else. Thank you for your consideration. This seems like it would be an easy change.


It should be moved to a less accident prone spot and have a confirmation box as well.

I don’t often delete thralls so I can’t speak to the process myself, I have noticed the button being awfully close to my follow/stop following command.

I would support a change to this in particular.


I thought it used to open a confirmation query. When did that change, or am I misremembering things?


You mean like the one that’s already in the game?


That one?

It also seems like it would be easy to not click “Yes” on a confirmation box that doesn’t pop up for any other action on the radial wheel.

Is there something I’m missing?


I mean the thrall menu gives you a list of thralls. You select it and it gives you options, one bro g to dismiss the thrall.

There just isn’t any pressing reason to have that option in a quick select without a confirmation. It would be nicer if they gave you access to another command like “Attack” etc. from the radial.

I mean I can’t be the only one that saw a thrall go poof because of this. Lol

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You’re missing that there is no confirmation box. If you accidentally select it as I did to to lag it immediate dismisses the thrall without a confirmation. (PS4/PS5)


At least with the current version on PS4/PS5 there is no confirmation. Select the option from the radial accidentally and it immediately goes poof and is replaced by a bag of whatever it was holding.


Oof. That’s really, really bad UX. Why wouldn’t they add the confirmation on PS? :confused:

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I play on Xbox, and it’s been a minute since I logged in. Can anyone from the xbox community test this and see if this is unique to PS4/5 or if it’s a console issue?

Either way, it seems like a bug and should probably be reported

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I don’t want to sound like a knuckle-dragger, but even with a confirmation it is exceedingly easy to reflexively hit the X button and approve anything on the PS. Learning now that the confirmation is missing is a bit unsettling. (I have never even tried it on the PS due to my fear this would happen.) It would be great if it could be simply removed from the radial menu.


What if they switched it from “Press X to confirm” to “Hold X to confirm” and had it held for 3 seconds?


As I said.

Probably not intentionally done.

I agree with you completely. With the dedicated thrall menu and how dangerous this is, remove and replacement with something you would actually use more frequently makes SO much sense.


I agree partially. I even deleted my own horse just before i set out to explore Siptah :frowning: However removing the option entirely from the wheel would make it difficult to find and exterminate weak thralls. I would suggest a better option would be to not have the disband option on the first wheel selection options. The idea Rekt put forward of holding the button sounds good too.

That’s fine, I think, but PS dialogs don’t typically work that way. The other thing is the inference is this functionality is in the Quick Menu in order to facilitate speedy discharge of thralls. A 3-second pause in addition to the menu select would be significantly slower than accessing the Follower Menu, and then discharging them that way. (Presuming there would be no 3-second Affirm Pause on this one.)

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I agree.
Even on PC with a confirmation box, I always felt like that simply has no place on the radial menu. These are the type of options you want to hide in elaborate menus… We already have an elaborate follower list where the option is present… there is absolutely no reason for it to be present twice and shoved in our face as a giant selection on the radial menu :smiley:
It’s like having this on the interface:
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Not to mention if you accidentally select ‘break bond’ on PC, you can’t cancel the choice (though you can still cancel the action on the resulting confirmation box).

Console having no confirm box is just :exploding_head:

I’m always astounded when people argue for mechanics that facilitate accidents, same with the ‘recreate character’ option.


This one agrees.

May we please remove Break Bond from the radial wheel and just leave it in the thrall list, or at least move it so it isn’t adjacent to Follow.
Perhaps add it to a sub menu under behavior or stats.

Gratitude for consideration.


I don’t see anything wrong with this. Removing thralls from service isn’t a light decision and probably should be managed from the follower tab. If one wants to remove the one that is following them specifically (such as when they have a dozen named the same thing), they can see that it is following in that window.