Sticky Radial Menu Issues (PC)

With the current update today the radial menus were changed to be the equivalent of ‘sticky targeting’ kind of mechanics where it will no longer disappear upon releasing the key. I understand this may be a change aimed more for the thrall menu, however can it currently is a massive headache for decorating and quick pickup.

Consideration being asked to revert everything except the thralls/pet system menu back to how it was before or to make an option in the game settings to turn it off for those who do not want it would be appreciated!


Seeing as we can bind the keys for commands on thralls anyways, not sure why its something that has to stick. For maybe about 5 minutes its fine, till you realize how many menus it effects. Either-way, we can just still hold E to go through all the menus, not hard to hold it for a few seconds to get where you need to then let it go. Would really be nice to have the old menu system back.


While I’m am extremely happy with the thrall update, and understand the value in which this sort of menu provides for the thrall scenarios, I’m with Bitter. There are certain aspects of building, decorating that flow a lot better when the radial menu disappears once it’s finished being used. I understand how difficult selectively applying these changes might be, but I think it’s absolutely paramount for a comfortable user experience.

I hope that others chime in, as I know it’s just not a small handful of us that are struggling with it.


I was very surprised to learn there is no option to choose between sticky menu and hold/release one, so I really hope such option will be considered in the near future.

Changing radial menu into sticky one instead of hold and release as it was until now will bother a lot of people when building and decorating. At first glance it might seem like a “quality of life” improvement for many aspects of the game, but as someone mentioned above, there was a certain flow to how it worked when building, that has been now compromised. Accessing dismantle/pick up was never as good as it could be if we simply had a separate key for it, but now, with the radial menu changed to sticky, we are even further away from the convenient access to it we wish we had. I know it’s just a small change, but when you pick up a lot of things or dismantle 30 walls, it really makes a big difference.


i put a few pieces in the house earlier today, and i did notice the dial option is way to awkward to use. the hold/release was very much preferred . you are not alone on this


I’ve only used it in combat today and I don’t like it.

During the heat of battle it can be deadly if you don’t navigate it quick enough.

It was very clunky using it in a fight.


I don’t think it does provide any value for thralls.
The update is good. The sticky wheel is not.
Those extra seconds required to select something or back out of the menus can equal death when you need to adjust your thrall mid boss fight.

I haven’t done any building with the new system but can imagine the inconveniences listed above.
I did however take on Thag in the wine cellar and nearly paid the price with a nudie run in the dark due to the menu.

Funcom, please give us the ability to choose a radial menu setting that we prefer.


I agree that the new sticky menu is annoying. There should be an option that let you choose. And for the sub menus, you had that on emotes. It worked fine.

BUT there are another issue with this that makes it even more annoying. Going down a level, you need to move the mouse to either select further levels or going back up. So if you are two levels down and want back to main menu, you have to right click, move, rightc lick.


The old hold/release style of radial menu is IMHO much better. This new sticky radial menu is just annoying, and I can’t really see any benefit to it.

Funcom, please bring back the old hold/release radial menu. :slight_smile:


Exactly the same for me : i prefer the hold/release system we had before. Maybe an option to select between the old and the new system ?


I very much agree with what people are suggesting for the toggle option which seems to be the preferred solution to this issue from what has been said so far. This would be a great compromise!



I totally agree. I want the old sticky radial menu back. Way easier to use and more interactive, for either building or for combat. Please give us an option to choose between the two, or revert back to the old one.

Thank you and have a nice one!


Yes, I definitely agree with this, now it’s much slower and clunkier than before. It would be a lot better to have the old functionality back, or to have the option to pick the old functionality as a setting.


Would love to hear if there are any other suggestions for a solution to this!

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