Remove food requirement from pets and thralls


The setting doesn’t work. I try turning it off. Still have a food timer.

However I want to make a thrall limit of 200 thralls per clan. That a fair trade off.

Also 3 months off of Conan Exiles official servers auto kill your thralls. Being off a server for 3 months normally means a player left that server.

However I want to change a few pet settings.

I want to give pets two setting types.

Farm pets and battle pets.

I want to put a limit of 100 pets per clan.

Farm pets help with resource gathering.

Battle pets focus on fighting enemies.


Make yourself a mod then.


Consoles doesn’t have acess to mods.

I want all glitches/bugs fix as well as pets having different jobs.

You realize 200 thrall max cap also allows a cap for future sorcery problems. Or do you want 1000 skeletons or zombies charging your base?


Pets already have different jobs.

Leave them in the pen, they do resources.

Take them out, and they are fighters who either guard or you can set one to follow.

I don’t care one way or another on feeding pets/thralls to be honest. It can stay the way it is or can be changed they work as buildings and if you haven’t been in their vicinity in 7 days, they go poof like everything.

But thralls are easy to feed anyway. Put up a couple of honey collectors. Collect honey. Move to thrall pot. You never have to worry about feeding a thrall ever. Every few days check on your thrall pot and add more honey as needed. You can do this with animal pots too as all animals will also eat honey. Yes, it says animals preferred/listed food…doesn’t matter.

And take bears, for example, fill their entire inventory with honey, they have enough food for 60 days. And honey never spoils.


Wrong honey collectors needs bees. Fish traps needs bait now.

Have you played the new update?


No they don’t.


I do not have a will to see limitations put in the game. Players should be able to have as many critters or thralls as they can feed.

I have test pets on my Solo/co-op game that have never been fed and their are still alive and not starving. I do see timers counting down, but they don’t go anywhere with the counting.


You sure?


This is a bug, fish traps and beehives should produce food the way they used to. Bait is used to force the trap grab one specific fish while the bees speed honey production.

If you build a new shellfish or fish trap they will produce fish until the next server update, then break again due to the bug.


Both items work without the add ons. Just bait allows for specific fish to be caught and bees allow for better production. Neither are necessary.

Thrall feeding is unbelievably doable once you get your thrall pot positions down. They even threw in a fix as far as I can tell because thralls that weren’t getting fed before now see the food. I think there is a bug that affects a thrall not getting food if window isn’t opened, but for me thats rare. Plus I am seeing the thrall buff from special food. Popped some on my berserker before I took him into Saber Tooth cat/Black bear territory and he broke out all kinds of bad-assery in the field, but still only attacked somewhat randomly… but when he did, BOOM. You will notice the buff from an extra line around the food meter.


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