Remove repetitive appearances of weapons and armor

Perhaps iron and epic armor could be eliminated that are repeated and instead make it possible to only make light armor in the first 30 levels and in the other 30 only medium armor to leave heavy armor exclusively until level 60. that soon it will be possible to change the appearance of the objects to the taste of each one but even so I would like that each thing feels like something unique and different like the legendary weapons that are practically the same with another name.

How do you propose to balance the different armor types? As it currently stands, light armor isn’t supposed to be worse than medium armor, and heavy armor isn’t supposed to be stronger than medium. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, but all three categories are meant to be equally viable at all levels of gameplay.

Moving light armor to be “low-level” equipment would either necessitate making it weaker than the others, and thus make it obsolete on higher levels. This would significantly reduce the number of valid options on higher levels, which I believe would be a bad move.

Appearance is not the only reason why many people choose to wear light armor even at level 60.

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you don’t have to level anything, just leave it as I proposed, all epics and it levels automatically based on your level and lack of attribute points.

I don’t think you’re understanding the point here. Light armor has certain advantages over medium and heavy. Medium armor has certain advantages over light and heavy. And Heavy armor has certain advantages over light and medium.

It’s not just about appearance and number of armor points. Each class of armor has certain pros and cons that make them useful at all levels. By restricting armor weights to specific level ranges, you quite literally reduce the variety of valid options by two thirds. That’s not good.

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This is how it was in the beta back in 2017-2018. It wasn’t a great system.

the deprivation of an armor will eventually wear off at level 60 it’s not like we’ll never get to level 60 and it really doesn’t take long to get there I just wish they would stop repeating all iron and epic armor twice to leave alone for the epics…

I think you’re still missing the point here.

If light armor is lower-level than heavy, then it either needs to be worse than heavy (making it obsolete on later levels), or it needs to be good enough to serve in endgame, in which case we’d be unlocking endgame equipment at level 30. Neither is good design.