Rendering issues in J5 K5

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash/Bug
Region: [JK5]

Server 2506

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load in
  2. Fall through your hatch
  3. Rubberband where your door was
  4. Cry

Hi @Tod, welcome to the forums!

Does this occur consistently when attempting to load into the game after logging out over a hatch?

After your base assets finish loading, is you character still stuck?

Everytime I have to unplug my xbox and plug it back in. The only way to fix it thusfar is to uninstall and reinstall it currently. And no the server restart doesn’t fix it thusfar.

And yes they are still stuck,hell I’m still stuck in a nonexistent rock.

Update : I can’t see other players either for five minutes it seems.

I am also having stamina lag as well on top of this when I do manage to get out of my house.

Besides clearing the cache, did you try to perform a soft factory reset ( keeping games and apps )?

Would you be able to share a short recording of the issue?

I’ll try that next time instead of having to uninstall and reinstall. As for recording it I have tried but my phone records a different type of file than this site allows it seems.

Update : Neither uninstalling and reinstalling or the factory resets are working now pal. @Hugo

You may upload the file and share the link with us, provided that it’s broken up with a space or two.

Is your console connected through a wired or wireless connection?
Do you have similar issues loading in assets in other servers?

Wired and I only play on this single server. I’ve never had this problem before so either it’s something to do with a recent update or something on the server. If it helps I don’t have this issue on singleplayer.

And it is only a seven second video as well. I can’t even upload a three second one.


Does this suffice?

Thank you for taking the time to share the videos @Tod, we’ll relay this situation to our team.

Just to clarify, how long does it approximately take for the doors/hatches to fully load?
Does the rubberbanding persist after they do?


The rubber banding does not subside and it has gotten to the point it will not render any of it in even after an hour of standing there. Likewise the factory reset did not fix anything nor an uninstall. Cache clearing never worked and lastly a change in rather good internet did not fix it. I did not begin having this until two patches ago. Last patch made it unfixable seemingly.

@Hugo If there’s a workaround found please do let me know. Or if there’s an upcoming update for console I’d love to hear it.

Also I may have forgot to mention or draw attention to this. It is an offical server so the spawning of the bushels and all shouldn’t be on my property this close and this at least disappears after five. I do also find my inventories taking roughly a minute to load. The server reset only half fixed it. It still takes now twenty five minutes for everything to render.

Just as well I can see the doors but I still cannot walk through at times. If you wish to see this let me know. Also, am having an issue where my stamina is lagged and attacks do not register for some time. No this is not a network error on my end. I’ve tried 75 mbps and I’ve tried 300 mbps internet and both had the same issue.

The upcoming patch which will address the rubberbanding will become available throughout next week.

Regarding the loading times, could you share one or more locations where you experience the issue with greater impact? Does it also occur in areas with a minimal amount of player structures?

We don’t have a huge base and as stated in the first post it is happening in J 5 K 5. The isle of the komodos next to the largest iron deposit in the desert. I’m the only one in my clan having this issue. It’s been going on for two weeks and it’s rather dissapointing knowing I need to wait a third or fourth to be able to play again. Me and my friends had plans of moving to the highlands then the next day bam it’s irreparable on my end.

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