Still Rubberbanding!

While not as bad as before the hotfix, every time I experience lag for whatever reason, I end up rubberbanding. The time varies from a few seconds to several minutes.

I’m experiencing rubberbanding as well as NPC’s teleporting. Are you experiencing unexplained stutter as well? I know for myself, the game was running quite well after the mounts update, but the stutter returned in spades after the December 19 hotfix.

None that I’ve noticed.

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Hey @Gorin

Is this happening in a private or official server?

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it still happens to many of us when first logging in waiting for everything to slowly render now (which is does, slowly rendering now) or porting. It’s on Official servers, no mods

it’s happened in 1590 and 1529 official.

Rubberbanding happens frequently, no mods, when the game is having trouble syncing between the hosting server and the client, even if this is solo / co-op mode.

Seems to happen more often when loading textures or icons, such as in your own established base of operations, or another player’s. I don’t know why the icons cause the game so much trouble (typical large chest, for example). The icons should be loaded in one bitmap file, vs many separate files, and are represented in 2d vs 3d perspective. OK, the designers probably placed all icons in separate resource files due to how Unreal engine is designed.

Have been in sparsely populated areas, with one chest, and experienced this. Sometimes looking around 360 degrees helps the game figure out all of the textures it needs to load and it frees up the player character to move again.

But for me, it never happened until the big rubberbanding issue started. Before then, it never happened to me.

Thanks for the confirmation. We’ll poke our team about it.


With a stick? How do you poke them?

With a Star Metal sword.


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