Repeated roof/ceiling-options

While it may have a slight impact on the item-database, my suggestion is a fairly simple one.
Same type of blocks for the different tier-materials.

I happened upon a small frustration with this when I was building a roof that was intended to slope down from the top, then flatten out over a smaller section of the house, before it’s final slope towards the top of the ground-level wall.

I chose thatch. (Cause those lil bungalow-esque roof’s with straw on top are both good looking in a desert environment, aswell as medieval-y.)

After I had built the main house, which was square and simple to fit the basics, I decided to add on a small section, but on the ground floor only. It was then I discovered that the thatch-ceiling’s didn’t have a flat version. So I decided to look at other types in the higher tiers.

And those that could pass as a credible roof (I feel the insulated wood-ceiling looks more like a floor when viewed from above.) that actually had a flat version, were lacking other types of pieces I actually had available in the thatch section.

I even considered a full re-shingle, but all ceiling-categories were missing pieces other categories had to make it fit.

Of course, I could redesign my house I suppose, afterall i probably should have checked out the various categories in their entirety before actually designing my house, or accept my roof looking like me granny’s quilted carpet.

But it seems odd to me that the various material-tiers don’t have the same pieces as the tiers above, or below them.

This however seems to apply to foundations and walls (to my knowledge), but for some reason not for ceiling/roof-pieces. (Example, “wooden roof” (the framed logs) has slope, but the only flat-wooden option I have is the “insulated wooden ceiling”-piece which is made from wooden-boards, it ends up being a mismatch, both in texture and thickness.

This makes it problematic to upgrade roofs into a new tier material aswell.

Or have my list of recipes simply bugged out, and the pieces I need are gone from it?
I am a master mason, and a Master roofer, so all options should be open to me, no?`=o

Anyways, if this is simply a bug on my end, disregard it as a suggestion, and I’d appreciate a fix or workaround instead, if it’s not, I would love to have the same options for all the basic building-blocks regardless of tier and material. Atleast when it comes to walls-sections, foundations, fences, roof-pieces etc.

Anyways, thank you for your time :slight_smile: