Report a (cheating) player



Je reporte un joueur de Conan exiles utilisant un cheat aujourd’hui 7 octobre 2021 sur le jeu d’un serveur officiel plus précisément sur le serveur #1530.

Nom du joueur: RUIN SYSTEM

ID: 123#26749

J’ai une vidéo filmé sur mon PC depuis OBS STUDIO de celui-ci ayant atteint le haut de ma muraille pleine de clôtures intérieures et extérieures (incompréhensible) et sans double saut ou ni fondations.
Je tirais ce joueur avec un arc à flèche lorsque je été ‘‘envoyé’’ vers ce joueur comme un ‘‘aimant’’ qui rapproche un objet par une force invisible sans contrôle.
Autrement-dit ce joueur as ‘‘cheater’’ d’une manière pour me faire tomber de ma base vers lui, pour m’attaquer au corps-à-corps.

Je suis en attente d’un suivi de votre part pour vous donner une copie de la vidéo.

Je pense que vous n’acceptez pas les cheaters dans les serveurs officiels et je veux aider Funcom pour avoir une communauté de joueurs équitables sur Conan Exiles.

Parce que j’apprécie beaucoup le jeu, et je n’apprécie surtout pas les cheaters ou de se faire cheater par un joueur!

Merci et bonne journée





I report a Conan exiles player using a cheat today, October 7, 2021 on the game of an official server more precisely on server #1530.

Name of the player: RUIN SYSTEM
ID: 123#26749

I have a video filmed on my PC from OBS STUDIO of it having reached the top of my wall full of interior and exterior fences (incomprehensible) and without double jumps or foundations.

I was shooting this player with an arrow bow when I was “throw, sent” towards this player like a “magnet” that pulls an object closer by an unseen force + without control.

In other words this player ‘‘cheated’’ in a way to make me fall from my base towards him (I did’nt jumped), to attack me in melee.

I am waiting for a follow-up from you to give you a copy of the video.

I hope that you do not accept the cheaters in the official servers and I want to help Funcom for having fair players on Conan exiles.
Because I like a lot the game, and I sure do not like cheaters or to be cheated by a player!

Thank and have a good day

I abhor all kinds of cheats and I believe that if found guilty of cheating they should all be banned, but you can not come on here and ‘name and shame’ them either. This post will be more than likely removed because of it. Head over to Zendesk and report your findings there. Include as much details as you can too. Be patient as it can take 7-14 days, on average, for Funcom to act, but only if they deem it necessary to do so.

As a side note, if this person/clan is/are cheating, get as many other players from the server to also include tickets to Zendesk. This may speed up the process. Good luck with your reports.

Hi @JohnyC29

Please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures