Requesting transparency on status of PS4 game

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [lack of information]
Region: Global

Some of these issues have been detailed at length. My post isn’t to bump those, but ask for actual transparency on the state of this game and the issues affecting myself and I’m sure a handful of other players on PS4.

Issues such as:

1.) Pro patch. Is it really going to happen? “purchase an SSD” is not an acceptable solution. This is a bug that has been present for ages. Will it actually be fixed? Seems like there has been enough time yet no progress has been made.

2.) Admin controls. Will server admins on PS4 have better control of our worlds? It was mentioned but no information other than “we’ve passed it on”

3.) Admin box scrolling. This has been a bug for what seems to be ages. It is very difficult to admin a server when you can’t scroll your users.

4.) Whitelisting - for this I just want clarification. Does it even work on Ps4? I can’t use its function because of the above admin scroll issue.

Again I am not asking for Eta’s. Just a solid answer on status of fixes, will they happen or not?

I run a somewhat popular server and these are issues that I want clarification on for the continuation of supporting this game. I feel the core fan base has been loyal enough to truly deserve a definitive answer instead of “we’re looking at xxxx” or “we have passed this on”

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


It’s running worse for me in Offline mode than Online, I wonder if anyone playtested the game before dropping it on PS4 Pro and said It was ok, since May 18 the problem is up, except the blind fanboys who wants people to buy an SSD like they did nothing has changed.

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Yep my clan members literally call out to me where enemies are when we enter places like the den.

The fact its happened since May leaves me wondering if the pro will get a fix.

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Any response? And yes I am bumping this on purpose.

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Hey there,

We’ve informed about the status of those issues quite recently on their respective threads. Please use the search function (or even check my posting history in my profile) to see the most up to date status on those issues. The TLDR version is that we’re actively working on some of those issues while looking into others.
Also, please do not bump threads as it is against our community guidelines, which you can check out here: