Rescued Priest - cannot add to shrine?

So i found a thrall in a cage. After defeating the jailer and trying to knock out (unsuccessfully) a drunken Sailor Master Archer (too no ko/stun damage). I freed a Priest(ess) of Zath. upon arriving back at my camp… I can set her to guard and behave as any normal combat thrall… but I cannot determine how to add her to the Nest…

Edit: Single Player, PC, Siptah.

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Well that doesn’t sound right at all. Priests aren’t the type you can normally use as a combat thrall.

What does it say under the thrall’s name? I’m guessing the name of the thrall is “Priest of Zath”, but does it say “fighter” or “archer” underneath that? If so, I’d say the thrall is misnamed and it’s a bug.


She walked out of the cage wearing Mitran Shirt snd Trousers with the name tag showing

Priest of Zath

I was excited! My first Priest of the new religion… Then I got back to base and was stumped. Cannot return a thrall to inventory in order to place on a station (without mods), soo… How do I… maybe there is a new option? Perhaps if… nope.

So, for now I have her standing near the shrine. her name tag shows

Priest of Zath

Edit: Probably an unintended feature of the new thrall rescue system introduced on Siptah. either the new priest was added to the possible rescue list on accident, or the mechanics to pick up rescued workstation thralls was not implemented. I suspect the former (@Community )

Edit 2 - Video link:


Priest don’t follow you around the map, you catch them, put them in wheel, then in the shrine or whatever.

Do you use mods ?

Seems simply tagged wrongt, it^s a fighter.
Priests you put directly in the shrine/temple/nest, not like a fighter.

… yes. Tagged wrong. okay. Not like all the crafting thralls and priests run around with weapons before you knock them out or something.

Repeating: I found a camp with a jailer. I killed the jailer and opened the cage. Out walked the thrall shown in the video. I’ve not edited the thrall in any way. It even has the original rags of mitra. Yes. It is behaving like a fighter or archer rescued from a cage. I haven’t rescued many in this new play-through. In fact, the priest was the second. Overall, the third i’ve ever rescued (one in testlive as usually i was on exiled lands).

Yes, I run mods, as is also evident in the video. No, I have never ever seen or heard of a priest come out of a cage before, thus the reason for this post. I didn’t see it in testlive, and i’m not willing to, once again, completely scrap my relatively new play-through, just to remove mods that haven’t caused a similar issue in the past just to run around and hope that i find another priest in a cage while not using mods.

For the video, I did remove one mod that i thought might have interfered with the radial menu (immersive armor), but that did not reveal any disrupted or hidden commands to allow placing or picking up rescued thralls.

When rescuing thralls was first announced there were discussions regarding what would be possible, such as crafting thralls and how they would work. I do not recall any responses from Funcom in the thread i watched. In any case, surely it is just as possible that the new religious thrall was accidentally added to the cage list by Funcom when setting up this new rescue system as it is that a mod i’m running for the UI, New building set, armors, server management, stacksize, end game weapons, or smaller animal pen did so for some reason.

Yes, looks like a normal fighter to me. What weapons did she come with ?
Where exactly did you get here, do you have some exact coordinate of the cage/camp ?

Looks simply like some wrong tagged thrall.

it behaves exactly like a fighter or archer. It came equipped with the rags of mitra and a steel warhammer as shown in the video. I didn’t add or remove the starter gear.

Small camp on the cliffs overlooking the coast at b10. The camp includes a black hand tent, three small chests. one large chest. usually one jailer and one archer. and one cage.

i’ve found two captives there so far, one of them this ‘priest’

Whether the thrall is named AND labeled incorrectly, or simply added to the list incorrectly, I don’t know. again, i suspect it was added to the cage lists in error vs being miss labeled.

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Will try take a look when i’m around b10. But there are not still the same thralls in cage, so may be bit tricky.

Like said, it’s a simple fighter, with a blue shirt. :sweat_smile:

FUNCTIONALLY, it is a fighter. It is tagged as and equipped as a priest. Highly misleading and disappointing. I do not expect this to be a common spawn, at all. Here are some screenshots showing the camp location, a perhaps clearer view of the thrall’s name and inventory.

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Actually, thinking on it, this ‘Priest of Zath’ is equipped more like a ‘Priest of Mitra’.

Considering Zath has daggers as a craftable weapon. Oh well.

Thanks for the conversation!


Yeah, she may have drunk way to much the days before, not knowing now what exactly she is.
Give her the heaviest hammer you can, gruel without pineapples for two monthes.

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