Resetting Attributes And Feats Revamp

In my opinion it is way too easy to reset attributes. The thing I would revamp is the yellow lotus potion.
It shouldn’t reset attributes. It should only reset feats.

What I thought of to reset attributes:
-you can’t reset attributes if you’re not lvl 60
-at lvl 60 you can reset them one time for free (ONLY one time)
-after the one free reset you have to pay a massive amount of resources to be able to reset your attributes again
->maybe something like 5000 radium, star metal or brimstone which you have to transport to a special
location where you can meet an NPC which resets your attributes

Why so difficult to reset attributes? Because the idea of changing it at will at any time is dumb. Players don’t have to think about what to choose because they can change it every time they want. So if it is harder to reset them players are more likely more careful what to choose.