Reshade - My personal setting

Hey folks. I’ve decided to post my personal reshade setting. It makes your game look freaking amazing :slight_smile:
You can find many of screenshots using this reshade in:

It makes game more smooth, no sharp edges. Works best on DX11

Few comparing screenshots:

Illuminati_HQ Illuminati_Kristen Illuminati_Zurn

With UI:

Feel free to let me know what you think about this :slight_smile:
Have fun and see you in game :slight_smile:


looks pretty good! how do you install it?

Run Reshade_Setup, Select game - go to your game folder, select SecretWorldLegendsDX11. Select Direct3D 10+, install it, click OK to all options. After installation is over, copy LegendsView by Tremerion.txt file into your game folder.

In game:
When you load the game you will see at top of screen information about loading reshade files.
When it is over, press Shift + F2 and choose my reshade file there.

And that’s all :slight_smile:

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