SweetFX presets?

Hi! I am interested in trying SweetFX but I have no experience with it. Could anybody who is using it successfully share their settings with me?

Also, please add what kind of in game settings you are running to make it work (such as gamma, directx version, AA, et cetera).

I would be ever thankful!

use reshade works fine and easy to install

Thanks I’m sure, but I recently upgraded to StrangeUI (I realized Stonerune was just immensely old by now) and in that installation SweetFX was included. However it does not work for me (nothing happens when I activate/disable it or tweak/change settings)

the SweetFX from the StrageUi also dont work for me
best you dowload reshade
i can give you my preset if you want


in game settings all max at dx10

Brightness 0.98
Contrast 0.94
Gamma 1.22

but it costs a lot fps

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Trying to use the latest Reshade version does not work for me. Just showing “Working on…” and never completes. Hopefully we will get Nvidia Ansel Freestyle enabled, some day.