[Resolved] Servers 3041, 3053, 3584, 3585, 3594

Yup im from this server came here to see if this server was down for anyone else which seems to be the case. Im lvl 60 with a well made teir 3 base that a lot of work was put in if this server is gone im done with this game for good.

Btw im talking about server 3594.

Sever 3594 is back up thanx :slight_smile:

The following servers show as back online:

  • 3041
  • 3053
  • 3584
  • 3585
  • 3594

There’s a couple PC servers we need to look into, but this is the PS4 forum so… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for your patience, Exiles!


Thank you people got to chill stuff like this happens with big open world games all the time

Thank for the responses, i died before the update and was near my body when it respawned me after the server came online. My body is not on the marker and the marker is not where i remember dying. And all of the people who logged off earlier are unconscious in the world atm. They CAN take damage while offline.

I’m trying to log into 3585. As stated, it is still not up and running. I do however see multiple 3565 and 3563, etc. Andy stated that 3585 is up and running. I am not seeing that to be true.

Well considering how much the servers keep going down, it probably went down again. 3594 is down now too.

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