[resolved] Trying to get a refund

I honestly do not enjoy the Isle of Siptah. I played it all of a couple of hours and requested a refund but Steam is repeatedly denying my refund. I’m just not enjoying it - how do I get an actual refund for a DLC I’m not going to be playing?

You can’t get a refund if you have more than 2 hours of gameplay as per Steam’s refund policy.

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My fiance got a refund on his, and he had more than 2 hours. It’s just particularly frustrating.

Unfortunately, that sounds like something to take up with Steam. I don’t think there’s any hope of getting a different solution using the forums.

Even if Funcom wanted to handle this specific refund for some weird reason, they don’t even have your credit card info.

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Well, thank you anyway. Steam seems unwilling to refund me despite my efforts so I guess I paid $20 for some decorative items. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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You could try playing the map again in the future, you may change your mind then. This is still an early access, wait for the full release and see if you have a better time.


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