Resource collecting has been slowed down!?

Each swing i take with my pick or ax has been slowed down! I’m assuming this is not intentional! Because it’s horrible! Please fix!


Does the first swing feel slow, then speeds up the swings? Or…does all the swings feel slow.

I noticed that the first swing felt like the lag received when going from a walk to a run. Then, I didn’t notice. I might be getting used to the slower speed, but I do wonder if the feature added to running didn’t bleed into using the tools as well.

It feels like there is a pause before I am able able to take the next swing. I think there’s a pause between each swing that wasn’t there before.

Thanks for responding. I’ll pay more attention to the activity involving tools. I did find it to be different than before TestLive. It does seem slower.

yes, I see a pause between swings, like a GIF loop that isn’t quite perfect.

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I also noticed this. Its not much slower but there is a difference. Please @Ignasis would you be so kind as to confirm if this was intentional? It is far from game breaking but I would like to know if it was indeed intentional, why?


We’ll double check with the team :slight_smile:


Hey there,

We’ll poke our team to see if this is an intentional change or not.
Thanks for the feedback.


Make sure to test it at 1x gathering like all us PvE scrubs deal with :smiley: