Respawn heath only full in desert

why does the game only respawn half heath unless i respawn in the desert?

Are you sure that this is not just a display-error (like we had for some time already)? Let your char eat something and have a look whether or not that replenishes his health-bar to full. If that works, then it was only the display that was wrong.
If that does not work, then please write a bugreport in the bugs-section of the forum.

It seemed to me that is not a bug but a feature. Some small additional penalty for death.

Ah, yes, you are right :smiley:
Mistook it for the bug where we logged in with only half a health bar…

But then it would be a bug to spawn with full health?

Desert is low-level zone, it’s OK for newbies I think :wink:

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I was under the impression that this was a deliberate design decision, to prevent you from respawning near other lower-level players and griefing them or whatever.

That said, once you hit I wanna say level 30, your health regenerates over time and this ceases to be nearly as much of an issue.

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It’s the level 3 perk, when you hit 30, in vitality that regens you health. And it’s a slow regen,.

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