Restart of Decay Time after Server Restart

I have a private Conan Exiles server, and I restart it every day. I recently activated the Decay option, where I realized that the operation occurs. But when the server is restarted all the bases reset the timer, which seems to never deteriorate the base. Does anyone know a solution for this?

Tenho um servidor de Conan Exiles privado, e reinicio ele todos os dias. Recentemente ativei a opção Decay, onde percebi que o funcionamento ocorre. Mas quando é reiniciado o servidor todas as bases reiniciam o cronometro, o que parece que nunca irá deteriorar a base. Alguém sabe uma solução para isso?


Have the same problem on our private Siptah server. Have not gotten around to having it fixed yet it is something that Gportal can fix. Read a post a few months ago couple people got it fixed but they didn’t mention what was done. You will have to call Gportal hopefully you will get someone who has dealt with this already. Please post what was done to fix because this topic comes up regularly. @BrunoBailoni

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I asked gportal twice and they told me it is about the game and they cannot change anything. :cry:

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Our two official servers today were 480 hours and no decay.

Me thinks they are trying to figure our what they messed up this time.

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The player with the issue said Gportal blamed Funcom but after a few more contacts with Gportal they saw what needed changed. @Community can you help here please.

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Today I went into favorites pve load screen evidently a server I checked online out along time ago they showed 4 days no out how they fix one was on if I see someone on the server will make contact and find out how they fixed the problem

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Thanks. :heart:

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for tagging us. Our team is currently working on this issue for a future patch. No ETA we can share at this time though.

We appreciate your patience and support with this matter.

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