Decay timers on siptah

I just want to ask if the decay timers are still active on siptah servers? Because since the last update I can not login and I think I will lose everything if I not login the next two days.
My main base should be gone but I am at my small thrall farming outpost. It would help to start again.
All that work gone :frowning: this happens again and again. Last time it takes 1 year to fix the never ending loading screen. I hope not again. This time it’s not only the official public server. Single player gives me a bluescreen while loading the game too

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Try reloading the Siptah Dlc from playstation store some things like that has helped others good luck :+1: @ConanBoDk

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Thank you! This helped me!!!
Before this I had moved the game from external to internal drive. I reinstalled the game, but nothing helped. I thought this was something I have to wait for an update.

For fixing this I need to go to the games library. Click at Conan and there on the downloads tab i had the option to download siptah dlc. Others where already installed. Also I was able to craft siptah dlc pieces.

I think if I buyed siptah some time ago it downloaded it automatically. I never was in this menu for any game before.

And also its not good that it ends in a bluescreen. @Community maybe it would be helpful if you make a info how to fix this at the known issues section of the update thread.

I think I am not the only one with this and maybe there was an answer in one of this thousand threads about freezes and bluescreens but this is something different.

BTW after I was able to login i saw that everything decays yesterday… What a bad timing

@sestus2009 why I don’t ask you two days earlier? :sweat_smile: Anyway, again thank you very much my friend! Now I can play siptah again :slight_smile:

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Did not realize you had a external drive. That’s happened to several people. A directory of fixes would be great sorting through hundreds of complaints for a possible fix is a pain. @ConanBoDk

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