Restarting servers once a day to stop others being permanent logged in

I think the servers should have a restart at least once a day or kick inactive players as I’ve tested it you can stand still for hours and not get kicked.

There is one tribe on our server and they are always at the top of the list it’s like they never log out.
It’s getting that bad to login I know I can do it but I don’t
as it’s unfair on those willing to play at the time.
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Restarting the server once a day sounds good to me.

It’s actually happens, at least on EU PS4 servers restarts at 4am GMT

The official servers ARE restarted, but the timing is so poor (morning) that it doesn’t matter… The restarts should be done daily within a window (7am to 4pm) to avoid people tracking the restart time and logging in after the restart just to go afk.

Example1: If restart time is 7am, I get on at 7:05am and go afk -> problem of afk players still present
Example2: If restart time varies, I get on at 7:05am and go afk only to be kicked at 10am by server restart.

They just need to have a 30 minute idle kick. GTA 5 is like 15 minutes.

Its the same on my server. While im adventuring around I literally see people laying around afk. Or people in one spot that I pass on my way back from an outing still in that same spot, same position an hour to an hour and a half later.

They are just clogging up the servers, holding player tickets.

You can get around the afk standing on the spot by attaching a elastic band to the right joystick so you spin around this is why a restart should happen more than once a day and not at a certain time.

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Good point!
But I feel with out a current in game notification system, if they have a random server reset rollout players could really get ****ed.

Why not both?

Any and every online game is going to have dip****s and trolls. An AFK kick timer wont catch all, but it will help while being supplemented by a server reset.


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Dont increase the server max limit. There are certain hot spots, despite the map size, where players congregate and build. As homes become castles these places will get laggier and laggier.

Yes to an AFK timer, why would you not want one in an online game!?

If they made it your food/water went down while you stood around and you didn’t auto respawn. Then that could be the easiest way to kick a non active player. As at present the system as it stands is pointless you spend hour of gaming time trying to get on the servers by the time you do you might as well goto bed lol

Eat is buggy. If u Eat something and get hitted, the eatingprocess break down.

It’s intended, read patch notes

Not every online game has an AFK timer, or at least a universal one, I’ll use Final Fantasy XIV as an example, you can go AFK outside of an instance for hours and not get kicked/logged out, but if you go AFK in any instance, you get kicked from the instance after 7 minutes of inactivity but remain logged in.

I do agree that Conan Exiles seriously needs one though, with such small server capacities, people
who just go AFK for hours are taking up space that should be for people who actually play the game rather than standing around doing nothing. At least with unofficial servers, the admins can and should ban known AFKers.