Return of the faction missions! Initial thoughts?



The 1% comment was outdated even when it was made, and Tron has admitted that repeatedly.

E5 isn’t an extreme requirement. You don’t need to grind dungeons to hit that level. You just have to play somewhat regularly. I know I’m not the only one with alts at E5 or above.

250 IP is roughly the gear level you should have by the time you finish Kaidan (which is the other requirement for unlocking the faction rank missions) if you didn’t skip any of the missions. When they announced that the faction missions would start with a 250 IP requirement I expected that to be the case for all of them, not just the first one.


I’d honestly have rather seen more South Africa missions, the factions are the least interesting part of this game. :v:

Also, as has been mentioned these are incredibly unfriendly towards casual players so it feels like a real step backwards from the supposed aims of the relaunch.


cus they asked what we want to see in the future and we said

give us the old Content back and make the game more challeging

I assume we got our faction missions, next will be congo, then we will get some old Content back, then next new one

and to your their is a need to explain why things work in game or it is a flaw in the disign

well no, you play a game that makes you toss fireballs cus u swollowed a bee
no this game does not to be realisitc


There’s probably still some SA missions coming through. At least one Investigation one, if I’m correct.


yeah right,

I mean the release is ok for me

one new: SA one old: Faction Mission
next one new: Investigation and or congo next one old: whatever

that would be nice


I like it too. I admit I prefer being given smaller chunks of content over a massive update if it means getting content relatively more frequent.


Glad the missions are back. Totally disappointed that there is a gearing requirement. My main is fine, but alts that I just want to see the story difference - no thanks on grinding them to E5+.

And for those that are playing purely for the story, that’s pretty screwed for them. Leave the different levels for those that want to challenge themselves/get higher distillate rewards, but for otherwise if you’ve made it thru the tower you should be able to do the faction missions.

Into the Darkness. I don’t know if it’s a bug or just? but I couldn’t activate the card readers for gates w/o using a flare. That seems lame, if I’m close enough I should be able to activate them.

Venetian Missile Crisis. Boring with just added health to the boss. Doesn’t make it fun, just tedious. Especially as it just taunts us again with the rocket launcher we can’t have. Boo.

Rogue Agent. I liked the changes and it was fun. Rewarding an agent - yeah 37 and counting…

SA new mission. Public Enemy was tooooooooo short. It was over and it was like that’s it? Definitely was hoping for more. Concept was great, but way to short.

Glad to hear/see Dame Julia though. Glad the faction hubs are being used even a tiny bit again!


Not a bug. It actually tells you that it’s too dark to use it.


Reading through these comments, it seems like I’m the only one who thought the bosses were decently balanced. Is it because I’m playing these missions at E5 (the highest I’m able to do them)? If so, then it is a scaling problem with the higher elites that Funcom needs to fix.


I’m with you on that point. Atleast partly. I did all mine on E10 and it didn’t feel too bad. But I can burn through 1.7mil hp in a couple minutes, and am honestly overgeared for even E10 difficulty so my opinion on this might not matter. I would however have preferred to see a more challenging scaling system like far more damage so that I cant just breeze through everything with a cruel delight and not see my hp drop below 80%


I’ve never read any marketing material or heard any dev make such a claim, no.

It does seem a bit head scratching that E5 is a requirement for story content. E3…well, my alts that I almost never play are E3. So that must not be a grind to obtain. That said, it’s an effort to weave mechanics into the story and while I don’t think this particular one is especially deep, I always like those when I find them.


I am disappointed that Venetian Missile Crisis returns as the mess of a mission it always was, but now with more HP! Its not particularly enjoyable to try to fight one group and get two or three in the process, especially given the expectation to dodge things. And as they were nothing but bags of inflated HP @ E10, it definitely wasn’t fun.

The final fight was also terribly balanced, by lacking my ability to self heal because I’m stuck with the rocket launcher, which itself was frustrating to use because the enemies liked to split up, making the AOE damage pretty pointless unless you charged them to keep them point blank, so that you can effectively use the rocket launcher.


why not letting all quests have range from E1 to E10 and scale rewards based on that instead of locking us out if we’re not E5? not all of us enjoy grinding dungeons.
many of us play the game for its story, and lock more story behind grindind seems not really the best way for those of us.


Yeah, it’s kind of annoying to roast me when I was very clear that they were old numbers. It’s almost certainly much higher now. All I ask is that people remember that we have end game players AND not end game players. :slight_smile:


All I ask is that people remember that we have end game players AND not end game players.

So…does that mean Funcom will remember us non end game players as well? Because with the way the power requirements for missions are set up right now and the pointlessly high HP and comparatively low damage/easy mechanics of enemies in the returning faction missions…it doesn’t : /


you will get your cut next release for sure
let the endgame players enjoy their new toy and be patient, Investigation Mission in SA and congo will come :soon:

but if your complain is, I wanne play those faction missions too, at lower IP requirement cus I dont a endgame player but wanne enjoy the missions too. I can agree on that.

right now, as I understand, did not took a look right till now, is the requirement is e5+
also ppl do complain about too much HP of mobs.

so a story player will not hit E5+ after he finished SA if never set a foot into dung or scen at all.
so the faction missions sre currently endgame content only.

question to all:
how much IP do I have if I dont do dung and scen at end of SA?
300? 265? anyone a guess or proof?

so to the challenge, maybe reduce the hp a bit and give them more Punch.
If crule delight keeps yaa stable on 80% HP mobs dont have enough Punch.

reduce the HP a bit and give them a bit more Punch, maybe -10%HP +10%Dmg?

if I remmeber right you didnt needed to use the launcher in TSW, is thier a way to unequip it and use normal weapons or scrypted fight? (btw nice to get a quest where we can also use it, not only in SA)

also ppl are right 8H CD on quest with same reward as scen?
I understand their point, feels odd the reward should be compared to CD of quest and challenge.
no one expect to get raid drops out of faction mission.

BTW are the faction missions group content? or solo?


Now that I thought a bit more about it, yeah, gating lore behind E5 IP is super lame.

In VMC E10, the “Elite” Phoenicians have 1.69 million hit points. 10% less of that boredom is still only a drop in the bucket.
Duos come with 2x 125k and single patrol mobs have 250k. If Funcom slashes all that by about 50%, you’d reach scenario mob levels (129k for a normal single wave mob) which I think would be reasonable.


I don’t know about the end of New Dawn, but I finished Tokyo with a character that still had green gear. 150 or so? But I kinda rushed that character and I wouldn’t expect that to be an average for a player who played through most of the story content but didn’t touch anything group.

That same character has 280 IP now, after minimal dungeons; mostly I just send out agents with ‘em.


I would not expect a story player to rush the game.
So IP 250 might be realistic after first playthrough.
And SA and Kaidan offer enough ways to get distills to close a gap

well, thats alot. ok maybe 25% for the boss mob and 15% for the normal ones.
and ofc raise the damage for them. fighting long is only entertaining if you fight on the edge.
If you know from the first shot u did won but need to grind your way to victory is very taxing and frustrating.


The only problem with that would be that these missions will take less then 5 minutes and still grant a scenario worth reward. I think they tried to balance mobs HP to make the missions last about 10 minutes.

I did not try other tiers, but in E10 they do in fact feel like they buffed mobs HP to let them take more time to kill, nothing else. IMO E10 should be the latest, most difficult tier and 1k IP players should almost not be able to finish them at all. They should still be reasonable engaging for 1,2/1,3k IP and then again easy for 1,5+ IP.
But then again E10 scenarios get way too easy as well as soon as you move a bit from 1k IP (if you know what you are doing :slight_smile: )