Return of the faction missions! Initial thoughts?



Except it isn’t a problem considering missions have a cooldown, and not scenarios. Also, there would at least be incentive to learn to speed run them and gear will reward a faster completion time, something which scenarios fail to reward players as they have their duration fixed.

No, don’t bring us other E10 Machine Tyrant again - unlocking something and being unable to do it “mathematically” despite being a godlike player is just wrong. If anything, there should exist an extra difficulty for 1500 IP or something like that, instead.


So what ?

Rogue Agent is already like that. You just run around some branches, whack your Dragon/Lumie opponents twice, run around some more, use a dead custodian, run around some more and then wait for 2 or 3 shrines in Shambala to activate so you can hug them. This whole procedure does not need as much time as a full scenario.

VMC has a “wait and defend yourself” sequence with a boss at the very beginning, the boss at the last warehouse and another “wait and defend yourself” sequence at the end, in combination with running around all the warehouses (and most likely pulling half of their population) I don’t think slashing enemy hit points by 50% speeds this mission up to “The Cellar” level.

Also, there’s still that mission cooldown which makes “farming” a non issue.


good point.
we can run scens over and over again as Long as we have MOF to pay for key.

but dont make it too fast, maybe it Needs some fine tuning, but dont reduce the HP to much and consider reaising the dmg so ppl do not sleepwalk it if they have signet of crule delight


Well, honestly people with maxed out 1630 IP are supposed to sleep walk everything no matter what. But yeah, raising the damage of those bosses similar to scenarios’ boss damage would be good.


its a simple fix make boss and mob HP and damage similar to scenarios same level , this will remove tedium from chipping at boss HP


tbh i did expect a bit more than scen lvl from this quests

it is ok if we need to work to kill some Mobs and if they can actually tread us
dont tone the mobs to much down, scen is boring also, cus mobs dont kill me…

as said befor, boring if you know you have won from the start, but need to grind thier

scne lvl +15% or so, its ok if it is spicy
just a bit more challenge not tons of HP so fight takes virtually longer

and again at all:
is this Group Content?
so can u party it?


The Parking Garage says that it’s a solo instance when you try to enter it. I’m guessing the other 2 will be the same.



Faction quests are always welcome. Return of Pyramidon. Fun with rocket launcher. TSW memories how I died so many times doing Venetian Crisis slightly undergeared as TSW noob. Introducing scalling and finally some good rewards. I don’t mind they are same as scenarios. Agent option would be nice.


The scalling itself is a good idea. However implementation is far from good. I am ele/shotgun user and all I needed in e10 was my cruel delight. Basically it was all about my cruel delight against their HP pool and higher defence. If I would joking my cruel delight vs. his special ability to bore me to death. :slight_smile:

I would prefer lower HP pool and some more dangerous attacks, so I would need to add some heal ability/ anima allocation changes.

And that idea to limit quests by IP is totally wrong. There should be story mode option with only limitation of your faction rank. Nothing more. I remember how new game producer mentioned all content MUST be available for 99 % of game population. Where are these words now? I am really afraid that people who came back to SWL and they play game only for the story will not come for next new content now…

And nonexisting marketing… Was it really hard to build up some little hype before the release? But it is something what is here again and again.


You follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook? They made some teasers there for the last week or so before release.
And unfortunately, I don’t think the budget allows for much more.

Also, while I’m satisfied with the updates myself (Once the bruises on my bum are healed from the kicking it received), it’s a fairly small one. So I think the scale of the marketing was somewhat appropriate.


I agree it is more about “we need to release something and these three faction quests were easiest to transform into SWL ones” than a first teaser more faction stuff will come and it will at east somehow important to be in certain faction.

Btw still missing that faction mission in London underground. One of the best for me.


Fair enough. But seeing how infamous Parking Garage missions are in the fandom, I found that focus to be rather clever, myself.
I didn’t even remember that mission, I admit. Personally not a fan.
Maybe later? I could see that one being a bit more difficult to rework.


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Templars version here:

Dont read if you did not play it in TSW as it can be spoilerish


I’ve played it. I just didn’t remember it.
Also the Templar version was annoying.


Some money was made from CE as far as i understand, wouldn’t it be about time to allow some of this to SWL? Advertising would bring money in the shape of quite needed fresh players. :slight_smile:


I don’t know how that works, I admit. That said, I get the feeling there’s some sort of barrier for that to happen.


I share the feeling. It just makes me sad to see the game sitting between 2 chairs really, neither in the “lets push with it” boat nor in the “woooh maintenance” one. As such i am not feeling at ease in investing significant time in it. Maybe it is just a wrong perception though idk.


I’m personally not that pessimistic. It’s pretty clear there’s still work done.
That said, even if there isn’t, I’m probably going to play until it ends since I’m still having fun with it.

Edit: I mean, I forgot who said it, but the reason the Faction Missions are tiered was because they wanted to experiment with it. And that’s a good sign for having things in the works.


I think that the E5+ requirement is because they monetize in part by getting people to advance and level, buying cache keys and other upgradey parts, or otherwise spend lots of time in game. It isn’t likely that will change much.

But lets be honest, the rewards cater to people who stay in the game longer, and help with the incredibly long scenario grind. Story wise, they are sidestories, and offer a glimpse into another part of the secret world that the main story doesn’t particularly touch on, nor the PVP any longer. And as we know from TSW, the general population doesn’t care much about sidestories.

So if someone only cares about the main story and isn’t going to play much beyond that, they aren’t really missing anything here.

Now as some folks are bringing up cruel delight and such, I need to point out that CD is not remotely effective without having put a lot of time into scenarios to get your crit rate up high enough that is reliable, and to level the signet to the point where it makes a real difference. Red levels are approximately required for that to be true in E10, which is a huge amount of effort put into the gear.

Furthermore, I can at least self attest that my cruel delight and anima touched weapon are the entirety of my self healing for scenarios and these new missions. Were I to need more than that, I would have to change my AA from full DPS to something else, and possibly swap out DPS abilities for healing ones.

Might that make things more interesting? Sure. But what is the net effect? It now takes even longer. That doesn’t actually help in the end. There is no ability for me to speed up the fight and do more damage. I already do as much as I possibly can, so forcing me to rely on more healing/tanking means I end up spending even more time in those fights, which is even less exciting.

I don’t know how other people run these missions, but I dare say that would be the same for most people, that making CD less effective would only make it worse without a more dramatic reduction in enemy HP to counteract that issue.


This. Only E8 but I expect it will be worse at 9 and 10 but the boss mobs are more a test of not falling asleep at the wheel while chipping them down.